Busy, snowy weekend. I love the cold weather.

I worked Saturday morning, went to see Syriana, then drove up to Anderson for Lindsay & Christies’ Christmas party. It was really good to see some familiar faces. Sunday, I went to church, did a little shopping, took myself to lunch at Macaroni Grill, finished making some cookies, picked up Krissy from the airport, and then went to a Christmas party at Kyle & Mary Jaracz’s house. Also fun – they have a truly awesome house out in the country up by Pendleton.

Otherwise, life is pretty blah right now. I’ve been in somewhat of a perpetual bad mood for about a week and haven’t felt like subjecting my xanga readers to any of it.

Next week I’ll be flying home for a while. I’ll be the only “kid” back for Christmas and I know that’s going to be weird. It also means all my grandma’s attention (and pushy questioning) will be solely directed at me. “Are girls really wearing their clothes that tight today? Or did you just gain weight?” or “So when are you getting married? You need to give the boys more encouragement – you know, wiggle your hips a little and bat your eyes…” ~sigh~ I love my family, but I don’t know if I will feel up to all of it.

But it will be good to see Montana. And I’ve convinced my mom to have an open house for some of my old friends and co-workers, so hopefully I can meet up with some people I haven’t seen in a while.

This Christmas season is just so different than I thought it would be…

I just got my dress for the wedding I’m in on New Year’s Eve… it’s fire engine red, strapless and, surprise! tight across the waist and way too big in the chest area. I can’t win. The fun part of New Year’s, I think, will be after the wedding is over and I drive to Carmel for Kevin’s big bash. Have some beer in the snow for me when I get there, CubCub. I’m also getting excited for the New Year’s Day Colt’s game. I’ve never been to a Colt’s game and I’ve got tickets. What if they stay undefeated??!! How cool would that be? 

My lips are all rough. I hate that. They’re not exactly chapped, but every time I put on lip gloss or whatever, I can feel pieces of skin flapping around. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but they’re determined to feel gross. Maybe I just need to get some good mistletoe kissing time in. Ha. Right.

OK, time to get to work. If you’re in downtown Indy on Friday night, stop by my place – I’ll have the special eggnog out, just for you.

“May your days be Maryann Bright.”


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  1. We just watched Cinderella Man this weekend.  I hadn’t seen trailers, I knew / expected absolutely nothing.  It’s now one of my favorite movies.
    “…Maryann Bright.”  Clever. 

  2. Grandma’s got it go-in’ on!  Tight clothes, wigglin’ and eye battin’!  Ask her if that’s ALL she did!  Grandma’s can be very honest at times!  Go Colts.  …and may YOUR days be bright MaryAnn!

  3. hi.  No, I don’t know you.  but maybe I’d like to meet you if you know Ron and the White River Boys.  did you graduate from AU?  Bridesmaid dresses are ALWAYS a pain and SOMETIMES turn out nice. 

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