Last night I think I dreamt about my future husband. I was driving along a two lane road and went to pass the guy in front of me. I was heading up a hill and flooring it, trying to complete the pass before I reached the top of the hill (and oncoming traffic), but the booger beside me kept speeding up. I looked at my speedometer and it read 90 mph. Then I looked to my right at the nasty speed-demon and it was a really old guy on one of those motorized scooters, smiling at me with the wind blowing through his white hair.

That’s so hot.


Went to a Christmas party this weekend, held in a very wealthy home in Zionsville. They said to bring a white elephant gift, which, to me, means a re-gift or some random crappy thing from around the house. I brought a toy I meant to donate to Toys For Tots and I was worried it was too nice… then people started opening marble vases from Pottery Barn and bottles of aged liquer and my worries quickly did a 180. Bastards.

However, I did get to come home with the other tacky gift under the tree: a neon yellow Spongebob Squarepants body pillow. I like it. Except I have the face against my headboard because it freaks me out.


When I am done reading this book, I want to see the movie. However, Tom thinks the movie looks dumb because all the actors are Chinese and the story is Japanese. Was I supposed to notice that?


Colts – No Comment.

Al Roker – take the single-digit temperatures back to NYC, please. But thanks for coming.

Staff meetings – should only be necessary when bonuses are given out. Anytime now.

Leftover spiked eggnog – how long does it keep?

Church babies – sat in rockers, cuddled and watched Rudolph yesterday… heavenly.

Flying – I’ll be leaving for the airport in about 24 hours and am getting excited. It’s been a year since I’ve flown and even though I usually have bad luck doing it, it’s nice to be completely out of control in the travel scheme of things. I even sort of hope I get delayed and can “win” a free flight out of it.


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  1. It would have been an easy disappointment if they were resting / saving Peyton Manning for the playoffs / Super Bowl, but…  Oh well.  It’s only football.
    Hey, if you “win” a free flight… I’d pick you up in Missoula. 

  2. Hey there, I was just browsing….we played “dirty santa” at our christmas party friday night…and of course my brother and I played very dirty….the only bad part about re-gifting or taking something from home though…is if you end up with it yourself!  But hey I didn’t have any money to buy an extra gift….and I guess getting stuck with it in the end was my reward! 

  3. I HATE it when people bring nice gifts to white elephant! Not fair at all. Here I’m the loser who brings the “shot glasses of the world” and everyone else has cool toys and things. However, I bet everyone really wanted your SpongeBob pillow. That’s how it was last year with the Homer Simpson slippers at our party.

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