I forgot how much I missed cable. I spent some quality time this morning with VH1’s “Best of the ’80s” and Comedy Central’s “Road to Wellville.” Hilarious. And my parents don’t block channels anymore.

It’s almost noon and I’ve not yet showered. Gross. If I was in just my underwear and knew how to play piano or interpret law, I could almost pass for Josh. Ha ha.

Our town is a sheet of ice – no new snow, so no snowboarding was to be had.

Christmas was fun. I got fishing tackle. My mom made prime rib and my dad brought out this awesome shiraz that was actually made by foot (you know, like I Love Lucy) in Australia. I didn’t think they did that anymore. We spent the evening convincing my grandma there were toenails and lint floating around in our wine goblets.

I had dinner with my friends Andy & Kelli and their two kids last night. It was great to hang out with them. They tried to set me up with their friend who has no front teeth and is studying to become a Texas preacher. Otherwise, I have run into very few people I know.

I fly back to Indiana tomorrow. I am excited to use what’s left of my Christmas bonus to join a gym. Too many cookies and spiked eggnog for this chunky monkey.

See you soon.

Quote of the week: “Now that Caroline’s got a boyfriend, there may still be hope for you, too.”

Quote of the day – my dad to me: “The whole world is crazy, except for you and me, and I’m not sure about you.”


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