Cage match: Which Simon & Garfunkel song is better? Kathy’s Song or The Dangling Conversation? I keep going back and forth.

Note to self – don’t eat things covered in powdered sugar when wearing a black business suit. Better yet, don’t eat things covered in powdered sugar at all.

Kathy, Kristi and I went to a real dive for lunch. The worn-out sign read “The Workingman’s Friend” and the shabby building sits across from a factory, a few doors down from a gentlemen’s club and mere blocks from Mexico. It was fun. We got cheap burgers and onion rings while rubbing shoulders with lawyers and construction workers. I drank ice water out of a yellowed canning jar. Lined up on the wall was the bar’s selection: Bud, Bud Lite, and Jim Beam (in plastic bottles). Sitting on the bar was an ancient TV with rabbit ears, broadcasting “Days of Our Lives.” Nice. I’m definately going back.  

Tonight we’re doing a premiere of the Disney film, “Glory Road,” in conjunction with the NCAA’s 100th Year Anniversary. I saw the film last night in a run-thru… it is pretty good. It reminded me of how much I love basketball. And I’ve always liked Josh Lucas, even way back when he played “Luke MacGregor” on the “Snowy River” TV show. Anyway, I’ll be busy running around all night… I hope things go smoothly… regardless, sometimes it feels good to be busy.

Tomorrow, if I can figure out a way, I’m going to use my Christmas money to buy a 1920’s Waterfall Dresser. It’s in an antique shop in Edinburgh, but it costs just a little more than junkier dressers at Goodwill and definately less than those build-your-own crappy dressers at Target. I’m excited to finally have a home for my sweaters.

Quote of the week: “Psst! Can you tell I’m not wearing a bra?” “No, no… that’s one of the perks to being…uh…perky. “


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  1. Josh Lucas is great in Around the Bend for those that haven’t seen it. Walken’s goode in it too. I’m pretty sure my wife thinks he’s a nice little glass of water.I vote for Kathy’s Song in the cage match. I think America and Homeward Bound would be a goode tag team.

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