I thought love was supposed to be patient, kind, and longsuffering. I thought love was supposed to stick by you when you act crazy or make a mistake. I thought love was supposed to forgive and look past human faults. I thought love was supposed to help you grow.

That’s what I thought.


In better news, I got my very own IPEX in the mail yesterday (picture Ralphie’s excitement when he finally gets the Little Orphan Annie decoder) and I am wearing it today. It’s already changing my life, one boobie at a time.


The goal is 120 workouts in 2006. If Kevin can drink 222 bottles of beer, I can work out 120 times (only 2-3 times per week!). So from now on, when you see the numbers below, you’ll know what they mean.



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  1. No that’s like or lust.  Love bosses you around and points out your bad points.  …er, wait a minute — that’s marriage.  Yeah — love is supposed to be patient & kind.  If it’s not, it must not be love!  Unless it’s parenting.

  2. I have heard wonderful things about the Ipex.  In fact I ventured in to VS to buy one but the stupid lady said I was a much larger size than what I am.  That made me mad and I left without one.  I have regretted it ever since.

  3. alright if noone else will ask… What is an Ipex… Is it a wierd little walkie talky? Is it a weather predicter? You said boobie in your post?? So I am lost… I love the word boobie… As a matter of fact I am laughing out loud right now. Can you seriously say that word without laughing… I cant even type it without laughing.. I am going to guess it that the ipex has something to do with music… and downloading it…. I dont know…. I am so lost, but hopefully i will be in in the light later…

  4. I’m still a “Very Sexy” gal and don’t know if I’ll ever make it over to the Ipex category…
    I don’t know if this makes me sound like Dr. Phil or Enya or a scary combination of both, but I agree with Bonnie that loving yourself well is also important…be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself, and keep no record of your wrongs.  Just to start.  And I’ll be working on doing the same things for myself, don’t you worry!

  5. Okay, I guess I somehow didn’t submit my 2nd to last comment.  It was kind of rude & maybe off color.  It went something like this:  How much will your new IPEX hold.  er…wait a minute that’s an iPod.  I’m confused.  I get that way every time you Koopman girls start talking about “boobies!”  In fact — the first time I ever commented on your site it was because you had been talking about “them” and jogging in the same post.  I told you “jogging makes them smaller” and your sister agreed with me!  I’ve liked her ever since!

  6. Ok…. Thank you for the clarification… i love the Ipex… Can someone say birthday present… Jogging doesnt shrink boobies.. It sinks them… Gravity, bouncing… Boobs… aaaaaahhhh… What I blacked out for a moment… My bad… What happened… is it hot in here.. what…

  7. Let’s change the subject, shall we Boobs are for babies. I got the “love yourself” bit from Dr. Phil. He’s actually quite good now that I’m reading one of his books. But Jesus said it too.

  8. No no no, you just have to wait for “the one”, and that is the one person who will love you absolutely perfectly. He will always be patient, kind and long-suffering. You don’t have to worry about him looking past your faults, because he will see no fault in you because he will treat you like a “princess”, and you know thats fair to treat you like the princess you have always been told you were. That is “the one”. That is the only really able to love like you wrote about.By the way, don’t ever look for “the one”. Thats ridiculous! Find the one who will LOVE YOU even though he has trouble being long-suffering, patient or kind. THEN you can choose from more than ONE. I am not sure why I’m on the topic of “the one”, and I can’t get off of it for some reason. So I’m gonna just stop abruptly

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