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Has anyone else noticed how this Lindsay Lohan story has grown and grown? I mean, yeah, the whole world noticed her shrinkage from voluptuous to anorexic and let out a collective gasp… yeah, it was unhealthy and she needed to change her lifestyle. But now, the story has grown from, “I was too skinny,” to “I was occasionally bulimic,” to “I was near death!!!” Seems a little silly to me. What about Holocaust survivors or refugees? Near death? C’mon Lindsay… we’re glad you’re getting better, but please don’t make yourself a victim.


This might sound harsh and judgemental, though I certainly don’t mean it to be, especially since I’ve been accused of late as trying to make myself a victim as well (though not of any kind of eating disorder)…. so just take it for what it’s worth. We all have our own crap to deal with, I guess… our own skeletons in the closet, so to speak. (Ha Ha)


In other skinny women news… why is Montana always an embarrassment when it comes to National pageants?

Miss Montana’s wardrobe lost in the mail
Posted on Jan. 22

By the Associated Press

LAS VEGAS – A classic Miss America pageant disaster was avoided when Miss Montana’s missing wardrobe was located in Idaho and rushed to the Aladdin Resort & Casino in time for her preliminary appearance Tuesday.

The wardrobe, reportedly valued at $8,000, had been lost in the mail _ the method many contestants used to transport their pageant wear to Las Vegas. They were allowed to travel with only two suitcases.

Sophia Steinbeisser of Sidney, who boasts that she knows how to drive a tractor, said she took the mishap in stride and went shopping for a replacement wardrobe before her original clothes were located. Her chaperone, Avice Hoff, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the clothing hunt cost nearly $500 in cab fares.

Steinbeisser was not among the 10 semifinalists at Saturday’s pageant.




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  1. I won’t lie- I am completely obsessed with lindsay lohan, and I realize how stupid this is- I mean, I think I’ve only seen one movie of hers (parent trap).  Also, I like how “shocked” the media are when she semi-admits to having an eating disorder- ummm, are we suprised? 

  2. well playedAll the stars are anorexic…she’s just like the rest now…and you don’t even have to compare to holocost, you can add the third world to the list. THese people live for years starving. Not anorexic…STARVING!!!!

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