Oscar nominations came out today… I started a friendly pool in the office for the winners. Make your guesses, put in five bucks, winner takes all. I’m actually way behind on the current movies, so I may have to do some serious watching in the next couple weeks if I really want to compete for the cash. Although, from what I’ve read and heard, I have some pretty strong guesses, or so I think.  I’d also be willing to start another pool on xanga. Except Dan would probably win because he always wins at gambling.

Speaking of movies, there’s a film coming out that I really want to see – it premiered at Sundance last week and it’s called “Little Miss Sunshine.” I guess it’s a really funny story about a dorky girl who wants to win a junior beauty pageant. The funny part, to me, is that the pictures I’ve seen from the film make the little girl (Abigail Breslin) look alarmingly close to how I looked at that age…


Got pulled over for speeding last night and put on the “Bambi” face, claiming I was new to the area from Montana and unfamiliar with the roads (which was partly true…). The Fishers Police Officer took pity on me and let me off with only a verbal warning – whew! But, of course this means I have to admit to Kevin that I was wrong – guys don’t always get off easier. I got lucky this time, as I was sure I was about to be toasted for going 50 in a 35, but somehow the girly charm (which I didn’t know I had) worked and my insurance will stay affordable. I’d say that’s cause for celebration.


I think it’s funny when you get emails intended for someone else. My personal email address is pretty generic, so I get random emails all the time from people thinking I am someone else. Yesterday, though, I got a recipe that sounds really good. I actually wrote the lady back and thanked her, then told her I thought she had emailed the wrong person. She probably thinks I’m a psycho and is also mortified that a 19-generation family secret recipe is in the hands of an unknown thief. So now I’m posting it for all to share, he he. Anyway, here’s the recipe, and I want to try it out soon, maybe with some girlfriends?

Cheesecake Fondue

8oz. cream cheese, softened

1 jar marshmallow fluff

2 Tbsp milk

1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Over medium heat combine cream cheese and marshmallow until melted. Slowly add milk, stirring well to combine. Stir in lemon juice and mix well. Transfer to fondue pot on low heat (or over a candle flame). Dip fruit, angel food cake or brownies.


9/120 – Almost made the monthly goal (average of 10 workouts per month)

I’ve been reading “Blue Like Jazz” while working out and I really like it. He makes a lot of good points and challenges me to think about whether I agree or not or maybe don’t know… but good grief, it takes forever these days for me to actually finish a book.


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  1. Girls always get off better with tickets, at least in my experience, but then I am sister to Jessica, who thinks flirting is only ok if you do it to a cop to get out of a ticket (she would never say as much, but she does) and Romalie who just plays dumb, well, maybe she just is dumb… There are lights on the back of my car? No way! But I never get tickets, and Jamin always does.

  2. I just watched the Constant Gardner, good pic!  Oh, and I also saw Palindromes, now that is kinda weird, yeah its just weird.  Friday the 10th we’re going out for my birthday, let me know if you want to come.

  3. Anonymous

    Once I was driving a car that wasn’t mine, couldn’t find the registration, didn’t have my license, and was going 65 in a 35.
    And went I went to sleep that night I thanked God that I was a girl.

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