I’m OK, everyone, thanks for the concern. When I got back to my apartment, I could hardly even smell smoke, so I don’t think there’s any damage done to me. I’m sure there are a couple other apartments in the building that did not fare so well, however…

I wish I had pictures for you. It was exciting and sort of funny.

I boycotted the Superbowl and watched this instead. Colin Firth is always a good choice.

On Friday, we went here and had a terrific evening. We found out that Kevin is grossed out by ketchup, R.N. doesn’t like watching babies eat, and Mayor Bart Peterson likes to throw back a few beers now and again.



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  1. Thank God you survived, as Beyonce put it, “I am a survivor…”  Oh and did I ever tell you about the time I dared some girl at church to put ice down Peterson’s back, and she did?

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