Post Valentine’s Day Post

Apparently, my parking lot attendant brought a Valentine’s present to work for me yesterday, but I unknowingly parked elsewhere because I had a meeting. Now I have to wait until Friday for him to bring “it” in, and I’m scared. This was not my intention when I brought him cookies. Still, it’s sweet… I think. What could it be?


Claire and I like salty raisins.


As I was sitting at the computer last night in my underwear, my phone kept signaling that someone was text-messaging me. Turned out to be Annie Erickson, the only other girl at AU who was from Montana. We used to be rivals, but then became friends. Anyway, I called her back and lo and behold… she starts gushing about how she has the greatest guy for me. Ohhhhh, Lordy.

The last time Annie set me up, the gentleman showed up an hour late, with no tickets to the Switchfoot concert we were supposed to attend, and with enough ketchup in his beard and across his girthy midsection to disuade me from suggesting we go out to eat. We ended up playing pool at the Corner Pocket for an hour or so (I paid), and then he left. Um, yeah. I finally had to be mean and tell him to stop emailing me because I just wasn’t interested.

But, as you may know, it’s hard to change Annie’s mind, so I agreed to letting her set me up on yet another blind date. Hopefully this one will at least be a double date. I’ll keep you all posted, though… and who knows, it may never even happen. Funny thought, though! As she was telling me all about him (“he’s soooo cute, and smart, and he’s in dental school – do you need a dentist? – and a super strong Christian, and so nice…”) she mentioned that he really likes cheeseburgers and then I heard a muffled interruption as her fiance said in the background, “No! No cheeseburgers on the first date, because you know about his  *crackle, crackle, muffle*……” Oh dear. I laughed, though, because I was only left to assume that he’s lactose intolerant, which I am as well, so we can be gassy together. But not on the first date. Should there ever be a first date.

I’m not ready to start doing this again.


The Arrested Development Finale was brilliant. Absolutely superb.

“I bought you a wedding ring. Er, ringtone. A wedding ringtone.”


I found out a friend of mine from kid-hood is in the Olympics. His name is Leif Zimmerman and I used to see him every year at homeschool ski days. He was so cute… I always wished he’d ski with me, but no… instead, I skiied with his sister, Kayla, and he’d laugh at us as he flew by, flicking showers of white at our faces.



11 thoughts on “Post Valentine’s Day Post

  1. oooh, I am like one epesode from done with season two, but I did see most of the new finale and can’t say I thought it was the best. I think if I had seen every epesode up to that one, it would have been better, because you know how they build on eachother…

  2. So many possiblities with this post — presents from the parking lot attendant guy —  salty raisins(?) — sitting at your computer in your(well let’s not go there) — blind dates with ketchup in their beard — blind dates with dent school dude — gettin’ gassy together — cute ski guys — all of this, ALL of this ………and I can’t think of ONE rude,crude, sarcastic and totally socially unacceptable thing to say.  (I must be losing my grip.)  Have fun MaryAnn.

  3. You describe things very well…
    I think I might remember that Leif guy…he was after my time, but I think the Zimmermans were one of those family I remember being mentioned…

  4. Re: the skiier and any other guy you once knew but don’t anymore.  Don’t you hate when you’re like “damn, I missed it there”?  Also, funny that you thought I was the charming heartbreaker.  Apparently, I’m told, that was indeed the case.  I had no clue.  Maybe I can charm myself into something with the ultra-hot clerk at Trader Joe’s we saw last night.  He checked me out.  Pun intended.

  5. Last time I was at Trader Joe’s I think I had a balding 60 year old man check me out.  I mean, check me out at the register, not actually “check me out.”  Maybe next time I go I should look around more closely…  I’m actually kind of mad at them right now because they didn’t have my nirvana veggie burgers last time I went.  I guess they could have restocked by now…

  6. I can’t believe Annie sets you up on dates!  That’s hilarious!  I’m glad I had Nick around already or I can’t imagine what college might have been like.  Your skier is cute!  Maybe he’d be nicer to you if he knew you put him on your xanga page?!? 

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