Update: The parking lot attendant just come in with six longstem red roses in a vase. I’m so embarrassed! But it’s sweet. I don’t know who was blushing more, him or me. And when he left, I crawled under my desk and died.


My job at Heartland is still stretching me. And it’s soooo glamorous.

Wednesday, I “got to” put on a hard hat and tromp through the construction mess of the new Conrad Hotel (one of only 5 in the USA, and only 22 in the world!), looking very official and important. I think the construction workers just thought I was a snobby prude. Little do they know that I am even less likely to ever afford to stay there than they are.  

Next week, I “get to” run the video projector at a board-hosted dinner where we schmooze rich people for donations. Usually, we office pee-ons are not invited, but they needed me to be the techy, so now I get to schmooze, too. That’s a scary thought – “I got my dad a tie just like that at Goodwill last week!”  

Next month, I “get to” go on a speaking engagement to the Indy East Rotary Club. I’ll be nervously talking about Heartland in front of a small group… at the Golden Corral Buffet. I hope they give me a microphone, or I may have to create a megaphone with my notes.  “Let’s send Maryann on this one, so she can get her feet wet.” Wet with gravy, maybe.


I can’t believe Tony Dungee is speaking in Chapel at AU on Tuesday. How come they get the Colt’s head coach, new dorms and a revamped coffee shop and all we got was The Majestic with her big hair and greasy old chicken strips?

I think I’ll go, just to spite everyone. I’ll even take a Chapel card like I’m a student and tell the “powers that be” just what I think. I’ll get there early so some poor student can’t get a seat and will have to pay $50 and go on Chapel probation… *insert evil laughter*




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  1. The parking guy’s got a crush on Maryan-an. Maybe he’ll turn out to be some independantly wealthy guy doing a documentary on “parking lots and parking garages and the people that use them in the greater Indianapolis Metropolitan area”!!!!  Hey, it could happen!

  2. “The Majestic!” HAHAHA actually, i’m taking the morning off to go…you can always join me. we’ll snicker and laugh in the back row at all the students who HAVE to be there, and the fact that we get out of work. 🙂

  3. Yeah I can’t believe Dungy is speaking either.  Crazy.  I actually have to write about it (for Signatures), so looks like I’ll be going to a chapel this semester after all (waking up before 10 is going to suck….but for Dungy I guess I can make an exception.)  Good luck with the schmoozing!

  4. Ton and I are going to Thursday’s chapel and just missing Tony Dungy.  BUUUUT we do get to see AU’s attempt at throwing a bone to black history month…the same bone every year……GOSPEL CHOIR!!!!!

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