I found a movie about Josh & Heidi and their new house. It is coming out in July and everyone needs to see it. If you want to see a trailer, click on this link. I promise you will laugh. And I’ll leave it to your own discretion as to who you think the third character represents.



I really like Sasha Cohen. Funny, because I really like Alexis Bledel, too, and it didn’t occur to me until just now how much they look alike (see above). Anyway, I’ve always thought Sasha had more talent and more cute-factor than 99% of those dumb ice skaters out there. I hope she wins the Gold Medal. If she does, I’ll name my first child Sasha. Maybe Sasha Alexis.

Odd how I keep writing about the Olympics, but I have yet to watch even one event.


Coach Dungy kicked booty in AU Chapel yesterday. But, boy was it weird going back! For a split second, as I settled into my plush red seat, I almost felt like I had never left. Then I caught a glimpse of my day planner filled with meetings and responsibilities and I knew I was only pretending. I’ve changed so much since those days… I found it both funny and melancholy to think about how much everything has changed. But here are the funny (sort of) things, in chronological order:

– We had to stand in line for Chapel and I was lucky enough to be stuck next to this guy with glasses, baseball cap and a 5 day beard (I’m guessing a computer science major) who was getting really mad that people were cutting in line. He turned to me and said, “I think WE should cut, too!!! Because, you know, 18 wrongs make a right!!” I ignored him.

– The Majestic got on stage and shrieked into the microphone, “Chapel is FULL! This is my dream come true!!!”

– Gospel Choir still has the same off key female soloist as when I sang with them. But at least she can sway, unlike me. There was also a dorky freshman girl who did a short solo and was AMAZING.

– Dungy was preceded by 10 minutes of Gospel Choir, 5 minutes of interpretive mime dancing (freaky), President Edwards talking about the Colt’s “journey of excellence,” and another few minutes of singing the Black National Anthem. What the heck?

– Everyone in Chapel was either holding hands with a loved one or looking on in despair as they wished they were holding hands. Some things never change. I was only a hand-holder myself for one semester.

– Stalltalk had an advertisement for Trina’s knitting class. I think I’ll re-enroll just for that.


Inquiring minds have asked: what’s Baltimore known for? Well friends, I’ve got good news. It’s known for seafood, restaurants, Edgar Allen Poe (thus, the RAVENS), the Star-Spangled Banner, and fox hunt clubs.


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  1. oh the majestic…i didn’t get there until just after that, apparently.  and the gospel choir/mime guy…come on!!  move over and let the Dunge take the stage!!  it was rediculous, really.  i really appreciate that man, though, and wish there were more like him in this world.

  2. Quality post with Alexis and a good trailer.
    And the sad part is that Owen Wilson will be played by many characters in Josh and Heidi’s house.

  3. Well, if you get a chance to wache you should because there are some amazing people on this year. And I felt horrible for Sasha after she fell and then had to do that stupid interview with Katie Couric, who made her feel even dumber, with her stupid (duh!!) type questions.

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