Apparently, the gay guys across the hall got really freaked out by the fire, so they have posted this note for their cats. Although, if you didn’t know them like I do, you might not have any idea what the hell they are talking about. Freaking hilarious (this link shows it at better quality, and I don’t want you to miss any of the full effect).



In addition to watching crawlers on Sundays, I started volunteering this week doing after-school mentoring at the Shepherd Community, where I used to volunteer during college. I can only do one afternoon a week, but after going this last Wednesday, I wished I could do a lot more. It just goes to show, you don’t need to travel to Tanzania or India to help children in poverty… sometimes they live right down the street.


Anyway, it was really great. I can hardly wait to go back next week, though I’m definitely going to have to brush up on my long division (crawlers are certainly a lot more forgiving when you don’t have the answers – you just bribe them with food). I had a real variety of kids – black, white, “mixed” (as they call it), and lots of little Hispanics who made fun of my poor attempts at Spanish. Most of them were between about 2nd grade and 5th.  In no time, I was surrounded by about eight kids who were all in line to get my help with their homework. “Me, me! It’s my turn!!” Little brown hands were tugging on my arms, hugging my waist, begging me for my attention. A couple of them could have easily done their homework without my help… but most of them were far below where they should be in their education. So, I did the best I could, stumbling through explanations of pronouns and homonyms, critiquing handwriting skills, and listening to shy little voices try to sound out words like “crops” and “ripe.”


It’s hard being a kid. But I’m really excited that I get to be part of it. And my respect for school teachers just quadrupled. 



Last night at the board-hosted dinner, I had a drunk man accuse me of “hogging” the chocolate fountain and then he proceeded to point out that “only trailer trash” dip pineapple and honeydew in chocolate fountains. People never cease to surprise me. 



16/120  I’m losing momentum in my exercise. Especially when I’m around chocolate fountains.


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  1. That’s so awesome, Maryann.  I’ve always been able to picture you with eager little kids crawling all you, ready for attention!
    I agree with Bonnie…how DO you hog an entire chocolate fountain?  Can’t be done.

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