Barrie the Beta died. By the time I found him this morning, his lovely flowing fins had begun to disintegrate. And I thought the smell in my apartment last night was from the garbage can.

I remember when my friend Georgia’s fish died in grade school. We sang “Flee as a fish, to your castle…” to the tune of the old hymn “Flee as a bird, to your homeland…”

RIP, Barrie.


Have you seen the Coldplay video for “Talk?” I think it’s pretty gay, which is funny because I saw it right before “Brokeback Mountain” at the theater.


I hung up a poster for Kevin’s “Stache for Cash” at my Starbucks in Conseco Fieldhouse. I hope Jermaine O’Neal decides to give him a million billion dollars.


This weekend Tyler Clark is returning to his homeland with his bride, probably to retreive the goats he paid for her dowry. I’ll get to see them and the whole gang tomorrow at their post-wedding wedding reception. To think, after just two years, my co-editor of the Andersonian is now the managing editor of an up-and-coming magazine and is also married?!? Wow. You’ve done us all proud, boy.


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  1. I think her father would have had to give him goats. Sorry about Barrie. I bet Lucy’s behind the whole thing. I bet she has Doggie too. I;m sure your neighbors will join you in a memorial service.

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