Congratulate me: I got my One Year Anniversary raise from Starbucks, from $7.14/hr. to $7.28.  BUT! I’ve got stock options I can’t afford and benefits I don’t need. Yay for the green aprons.  

Speaking of Starbucks (because that’s ALL I’ve been doing lately, besides my normal job and working out), there is a super, super, super annoying guy I have to work with. So annoying that I tried to hook him up once with Emily (remember, “Miss Muffett?”) and she wouldn’t go for it. He’s loud, obnoxious, messy, rude, conceited, arrogant, and just about every other bad adjective you can think of.

His father paid for his house, car, education, etc. so he’s never really had to work, but now he’s decided to be “responsible” and get a real job… a.k.a. Starbucks. But what annoys me the most is how he loves to make me look stupid in front of customers and coworkers. If he makes a drink wrong, he blames it on me (because somehow, everything is the woman’s fault, right?). He also insists that “his way” of making drinks is better, so he won’t do the Starbucks recipes right and then when he leaves a drink half-finished, I don’t know how to pick up where he left off because he was making it wrong. He also slyly brushes his hand across my rear whenever he gets a chance or hugs me really tight (and he’s a BIG guy) so I can’t get away… when I object he looks all innocent and says, “what?” And every time I work with him, he broadcasts to the other baristas that “Maryann’s taking me out for cocktails after work.” I’ve denied it, fought it, and flat-out said “NO” to it, but he still keeps it up. I’ve even offered to pay him to take himself out for a drink, but no go. He lives to annoy me, and even when he’s not doing it on purpose, it works. Yet, when I tease him back or boldly call him a tool to his face, he gets very offended and slams things around. Back when I was still dating Tom, he offered to beat this guy up for me, and I’m starting to think I should have let him.


Tyler’s wedding reception was fun and I got to see a few old friends. I’d have to say, though, that the most memorable part of the afternoon was the mashed potato sundae bar. Only in Indiana.


And no, Bonnie, I did not ask Tyler about his pants. And for you people “outside” the loop, this is regarding one of the funnier statements Mr. Clark made to my sister back when he used to be a drinking college kid.


I thought John Stewart did a great job hosting the Oscars last night. He made me laugh. And did anyone else get the Will Ferrell make-up joke? Good stuff. I watched the whole thing, to keep track of our office pool (which I didn’t quite win). Reese Witherspoon wins Best of Show in my book – she looked fantastic in her vintage gown, her acceptance speech was sincere yet classy, and she was able to share some success with her hubby, too, when his film (“Crash”) won Best Picture.

And speaking of Oscars, I interviewed this German filmmaker, Marc Rothemund, last week (his film “Sophie Scholl” was nominated for Best Foreign Film). I asked him about his favorite movies and he answered in a thick, Arnold-type accent, “I love ‘Ar-senic unt Old Ladies.’ I’ve seen it tirty or forty times unt I still laugh my oss off.”



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  1. I have about 4 friends who work/have worked at Starbucks, and they’re always the coolest people you’ll ever meet. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like everyone who rocks either works there or has worked there in the past…even if they DID have to go through sucky things or deal with sucky people, that just made it better because then they had funny and cool stories to tell. Heck….I’d apply for a job there, but apparently, you have to be 18….something about caffeine overdoseage, I think. ~end~ observations of The Aut
    p.s. I loved Reese Witherspoon’s dress and speech too. she’s come a long way from Legally Blonde.
    ~The Aut~

  2. Wow, that guy reminds me of the dude – Frank – who was in the shoe department when I worked at the Polo outlet.  He used to squeeze past me when I was standing in a tight space.  He was so creepy, I gave him the nickname Frankinshoes.  Get it?  he he.  I was really proud of myself for that one…

  3. As I recall, Tyler is a bit shorter than his bride as well; is he on a step stool?….he seemed like a great guy though; I shouldn’t pick on him so much. Even if he does love mashed potatoes…that’s just wrong.
    There must be an anonymous Starbucks sexual harrassment line you can call. There was at Steak&Ale when I worked there and a guy actually got fired for it. Try it.

  4. I think this guy might be flirting with you…. Some guys just dont get it… Now I have been out of the game for a while but When I was in the game (and I guess sometimes even now) I would sit back and laugh at the guys who would flirt this way… It is almost pothetic… Well it is pothetic… You should confront him and say “You really suck at this” And then if he gets mad than let him… I have known his kind, Daddy buys him everything and he goes to get a job because he wants to impress him…. Seriously his dad bought him a house, I can see somewhat paying for college (even though I owe 31000 dollars to AU) but not a house… Guys like that suck…

  5. Do I need to call the Berridge boys and have them take care of this guy?  Or just kick him in the groin as hard as you can next time he does his icky routine — just make sure there’s someone else around as a witness.

  6. The next time he gives you shit tell him you are sorry that his mother didn’t really love him but he needs to learn how to act in public. Then point out that he lacks the skills to make a proper latte and should try to get a job from his father. Good Luck!

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