At Heartland, I work with an old lady with some very old ideas. One of the more humorous-yet-annoying ones is her insistence that “ladies don’t want to eat a big piece of meat.” Everytime we plan an event, she lobbies not to have steak because, yes, “ladies will look at that big hunk of meat and become ill.” I helped her out at a luncheon yesterday and she said, “I’m sorry, Maryann – we should have saved you a turkey sandwich or a veggie wrap. Now all we have left is ham, and I know you won’t want that.”

I am here to say that I, as a female representative of the youth of this century, do indeed like to eat meat. I love medium rare steaks and I love ham sandwiches. Give me chicken, pork, beef, fish, buffalo… I’ll sink my teeth into any of them. Add barbeque sauce, french fries and a beer and it’s even better. And I’m still a lady. Hmpf.


I’ve never seen the scalpers out this early – they were already trying to sell tickets to tonight’s game as I was driving in this morning and it wasn’t even 9 a.m. It’s a big month for Conseco Fieldhouse (Women’s Big Ten, Final Four, etc.) and therefore a big month for our Starbucks. Ode to Joy.


Update: Laughter is good. Andy in our office sent me this link and it’s had me laughing quite a bit on a not so great day. If you’re in need of a chuckle or a full-out yelling belly laugh, check out this site:

It’s actual real quotes that have been overheard in New York City. Quotes like…

Girl: Yeah, so, did you hear that the bald eagle insn’t extinct anymore? – overheard in Central Park

Girl: I know you’re not religious, but do you believe in dinosaurs? – overheard in Penn Station

Cop: How do you say “dog” in Spanish?

Starbucks guy: Perro.

Cop: OK. How do you say “dog” in Mexican?

Starbucks guy: Usted es un idiota.

– overheard in Starbucks, 47th & 5th


(There are much more funny quotes on the site, but I thought I’d only put up the “clean” ones here since my mom reads my xanga )


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