I forgot how good this movie is… even if you’re not Irish, it’s a must-see, especially during St. Patty’s time. The little girls (real-life sisters) are especially amazing. Watch it, I know you’ll love it.


I dreamt this weekend that I went sledding with Heath Ledger. It was very romantic, and I didn’t even have to pretend like I was a boy.


And speaking of gay men, I’ve been working lately with THE GAYEST male I have ever met in my life. His name is Edwin and he’d be the perfect boyfriend for Will on “Will & Grace.” On Saturday, we worked next to each other on registers during the Men’s Big 10, and I couldn’t help but giggle at him every time he rang someone up.

“Iced grande caramel macchiato. Lovely. Would you like a pastry with that? No, OK. And I love that bag!! But of course, I’m partial to red. Here’s your change, Sweetie, thanks, bu-bye!”

I asked him if he could work for me tonight, and he said he’d be “flying the friendly skies.” Yes, he is also a flight attendent for United (which is funny, because I am almost positive I’ve had him before on one of my many trips around the country). So, next time you fly United and see a balding man named Edwin sashaying down the aisle to demonstrate how to properly use the oxygen masks, tell him Maryann said hello.

I also left him a message on his cell phone yesterday and I could definately hear Mariah Carey playing in the background.


‘Tis the season for Peeps, and I am happy. They’re 56 years old this year. That’s enough to make me want to join the Peeps Fan Club. Can I get a shout out from my peeps?


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  1. I’m SURE I’ve had Edwin on at least one of my United flights.  If I see him again, I’ll say “hi” from Maryann.  Maybe he’ll give me an extra blanket or pillow on the flight or an extra Jack Daniels to ease the flight.

  2. One of my cousins virtually IS Jack on Will & Grace.  It’s so weird every time we watch.  And funny enough, my cousin works for American Airlines, though he’s not a flight attendant.  He’s got a desk job. 

  3. I LOVE that movie! Those girls are the cutest things ever… Hey, what did you think of this year’s Oscar picks?? Kind of shocking that Crash won, wasn’t it? I hope you are doing well–would love to catch up!

  4. Peeps rock! I’m gonna have to try that whole Peeps in the microwave thing! I wonder how these flamers get that gay. They’re not born like that. It’s learned.

  5. Hooray for Peeps!  I like the bunnies more than the chicks.  You may say that they are the same, but the bunnies have a higher sugar to marshallow ratio.  Also, blue and purple taste better.  I swear.
    I once dated a gay guy.  He wasn’t gay then.  Well, it’s likely that he was but I wasn’t aware.  Which is weird, since his name was Ashley Blaize.  He used to work at Nordstrom in the women’s shoe department and he was a huge Tori Amos fan.  I don’t know how I was supposed to just guess that he might be gay!

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