I don’t have much of anything interesting to say. I’m tired. I’ve been working a lot of 12 – 16 hr. days between the two jobs and it’s wearing me out. But it won’t last much longer and it pays the bills, so that’s good. And next week I’m going to see Bonnie and Sammy, which will be way awesome.

Review of the week? Monday, worked 9am – 11pm. Tuesday, worked 8am – 5pm, spoke to the Rotary at Golden Corral, made Oreo Dessert for ladies Bible study celebration. Wednesday, worked 8am – 11pm, with a small break for after-school mentoring at the Shepherd Center late in the afternoon – ended up giving away 6 of my beaded bracelets to two little Hispanic girls named Nancy and Stephany, just because they liked them so much. Thursday, worked 9am – 5pm, got “Cancer Daffodils” for my desk, had dinner (squash soup w/ jalepeno cheddar bread) with Claire & Regan, then watched “The Office.” Today… work from 9am – 10pm, then maybe stop for a Guinness downtown? and get ready to open Starbucks at 6am Saturday morning. But it’s all good – and I am actually looking forward to doing laundry and working out tomorrow afternoon once I’m finished working. And I won’t work at Starbucks again for over a week, so I may just have to get my nails done.

 In the midst of all the “busy,” I’ve been feeling a little lonely, though… and while I love Lucy the cockatiel, she’s  not much of a cuddler (and when she is, she gets so relaxed that she tends to poop on me more). So I’ve been  thinking about other pets. Yeah, right, just what I need, eh? I know. I  wish I could have a pug like the one I grew up with – she was great, and lazy, too, so I could leave her all day and just walk her in the morning and evening. But no, pugs are too expensive. I like kittens, but I’m not so sure about cats… I don’t want to come home at night and find my couch scratched up and my clothes peed on and litter scattered all over the floor. No, maybe not a cat. I’ve always liked monkeys, especially capuchins. I saw a news story the other day about how smart they are and how they’re now helping quadriplegics more than dogs! But I don’t think I have time to train a monkey, and if you don’t train them, they become naughty.

Hmmm. Maybe I should just stick with my bird and continue to hug myself as I fall asleep. Certainly less complicated!  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy 22nd Birthday to Alex Redfern.


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  1. Just browsing through the blog…wanted to say hey.  What better week could you have asked for?  Oreo Dessert?  “GOOD!” The Office? “GOOD!”  Getting Pooped on? …………….. Well….2 out of 3 isn’t too bad, right?  By the way cats are evil….plus you never hear people say, “I’m allergic to dogs” (I’m sure some people are…..but you never hear that)….Stick with dogs.  Have a good St. Pat’s also. 

  2. Get a Chinese Crested!  Mine is so sweet- she will cuddle you all day long if you let her.  She’s playful too but not hyper or yippy (just when the doorbell rings).  And, pretty low-maintenence.  She did, however, chew a hole in our carpet (just a little one!) when we first got her.

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