I definitely saw a carpeted car yesterday. Like, an old 1970-something Chevy covered completely in carpet, not paint. Have vehicles like this always been around? Did I just miss something? I’ll bet Strings even had one.

They’re doing construction on our office and it’s been really noisy. It’s like being inside a giant tooth that’s having its cavity drilled. But it will be way cool when it’s all done.

Because of the construction, there’s a bit of exposed pink insulation from the walls. It makes me remember jumping on and hugging similar insulation after church one day as a kid, thinking it was like big, fluffy pink marshmallows. Good thing I didn’t eat any, because I itched like the dickens (it is, after all, fiberglass) for days. Three cheers for unsupervised play.

We got snow. And because half the office are Midwestern wussies, I am one of only 5 employees to “brave” the 3 inch accumulation.

Take a Guess: How much does it cost to use 60 seconds of footage from a Warner Bros. movie in an educational video?


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  1. I’m sure you’ve heard it, but if not check out Live at World Cafe by Gabe Dixon band.  Only 6 songs, (one song is from Rolling Ball) but I actually like it more than I like Rolling Ball.  And I’ll guess $75,000.

  2. $1000. a second.  And I can honestly and pridefully say — I HAVE NEVER SEEN, LET ALONE OWNED A  CARPETED CAR!  But that is pretty funny.  Me & Lumpy could cruise around the area in that on a nice sunny day.  Find out who owns it.  We’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse!  Think about it — you could sit on the hood on a hot summer day and not burn your buns!  And if you got too drunk to drive home, just snuggle up on the roof with a blanket.

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