Back in the land of excessive rain and sidewalks covered in gooey pigeon poop. I’m totally missing the clean, dry heat and smell of a sky so open  that car exhaust is practically non-existant. Ah… but mostly, I miss “skuggling” Sammy and talking about grown-up stuff and drinking grown-up beverages with Bonnie.  Visits never last long enough. But there are mountains of work to be done here…


If I ruled the world, people who cut in line when everyone’s been waiting an eternity would be put before a pickle juice squirt gun firing squad.


So, I’ve been wondering and airports always get me to thinking about it again…

Do Mens’ Rooms have those toilet seat cover dispensers? Do men even worry about catching diseases from a toilet seat? And if so, do men ever assume “the stance?”

Now, obviously, for reasons we all know, men don’t have a need to use the seat of the toilet as much as we girls do. But I still wonder. And this is often a topic of conversation among the ladies, gross as it may seem. I, for one, don’t worry too much and rarely use the covers unless the bathroom is totally disgusting. They’re such a hassle. If there isn’t an automatic flusher, though, I DO try and flush with my foot, even though I’ll be washing my hands anyway. I DO NOT assume “the stance.” My legs are too short and weak… the few times I’ve tried, it just stand there trembling, unable to “go,” and then the automatic flusher usually ends up going off because it thinks I’m gone and I get all splashed anyway. Not worth it. Heidi agrees with me. But some females can’t believe I’d be so flippant to the ways of the world. Whatever. And honestly, how many people do YOU know who have actually caught AIDS or crabs or what have you from a Wal-Mart toilet seat? I can’t think of any.


Peel me like an onion,



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  1. Maybe I am as Naive as you. I sit. Maybe I am just almost as short as you. I figure I don’t plan to eat off my butt; or not wash my hands; or anything to make me get germs. Yeah, I agree with you.

  2. i totally agree and never use the covers, tho the ladies at work are obsessive.  i’ve been using public toilets for nearly 23 years and have yet to “catch” anything.  to be honest, i think it’s darn near impossible. 

  3. I hover. But it’s more to prove how strong my legs are than to avoid diseases. What about the toilets that automatically dispense a fresh plastic cover with every flush? Have you ever seen those? We miss you

  4. I use the cover… The covers are nice…. but not so much for protection against germs, but more for warming the seat… I hate cold seats…. and i definately use the foot to flush.. i hate it when the handle is wet… I also hate that once you have washed your hands you have to grab the door handle to leave the restroom…. I hate that because the 10 other guys in there with me did not wash there hands….

  5. I had never heard of foot flushing either I must say. I think I will have to try it. No covers though. And warm toilet seats! That is gross! I would much prefer a cold one! AND open the door with paper towel if there is paper towel.

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