Eureka! I’ve at last found some relief for my nasty second-degree sunburn on my right shoulder (all the rest of the sunburn has peeled and healed, but this one spot was still painful up until this morning). I discovered I still had a tube of Preparation H from when I got my little ladybug tattoo last Spring Break… so, after consulting a registered nurse, I slathered on some of the gel, not for hemorrhoids or tattoos, but on my sunburnt shoulder. Today, I am a new woman, albeit a more scaley one. Yay!!! If you want to see pictures of “before,” check out Bonnie’s blog from a couple days ago.


Yesterday, I took cheap Brand X cold pills that were a year old. The rest of the day, I was like a walking drunk. I think I scratched my car at least twice and I introduced a rather important young lady as Sarah Silverman, the infamously offensive comedian, when in fact her name was Liza Silverman. Funny, Tom used to love Sarah Silverman… red flag, anyone?


The Elms play tonight at Birdy’s – should I go? I’ve never seen them live, but certain folks there might not be too happy to see me… plus it starts at 8 p.m. and I’ve got to work a double (Heartland/Starbucks) tomorrow.

Back to work.   Red grapes suck; green grapes rule.                                                24/120


9 thoughts on “

  1. Red grapes are the best. 
    “You don’t know so many things…”
    Are you listening to that CD on my recommendation or were you listening to him before my blog?

  2. I’m supprised you could even spell HEMORRHOIDS correctly at your age.  Another thing it’s good for are puffy eyes the day after the night before.  Honest!  And…you need to go see the Elms live regardless of who else is going to be there!  If someone actc ugly to you, let me know and I’ll call My Friend Leonard to take care of them.

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