It’s time to play…“Would you rather:

– Have a sore throat or head congestion? I’d rather have congestion; a sore throat is my least favorite part of having a cold and it’s the part I haven’t been able to get rid of the last few days.

– Have a hangnail or chapped lips? Hangnail, no doubt about it.

– (Here’s a classic one from Jon McL.) Have a midget kick you in the nuts every morning or have to carry a midget around on your back all day? Um… I’ll leave this one to the guys.  


Indy was/is a mass of people for the Final Four. Why did I want to live in a city again? I think it might actually be fun if A) I wasn’t feeling crappy, B) the weather was actually warm and sunny, and C) I could find a parking space for under $20. I tried to jump into a few of the festivities this weekend, but just couldn’t get into it. And the traffic this morning was insane, especially since we had really bad storms and even a tornado or two ripping through everything last night. I’d say that’s God’s response to having Mellencamp as the headlining act on the Circle.


I ran into one of my favorite former co-workers from Starbucks on Saturday. She called me over to talk to her during her 10 minute smoking break and we’d been chatting for a couple minutes when she stopped and said: “You’re going to kill me, but who are you? I thought you were my friend so-and-so, you look just like her. Sorry. I’m kind of hungover.”

Wow. I didn’t even really know how to answer that one… we used to be really close when we worked together! I mean, I always thought I was a “forgettable” person, but geez, humor me a little!

On the other side of the coin, I hung out with my old friend/rival from college, Annie Erickson, on Sunday. We talked a lot about how things are for us, now almost two years out of school. She just broke off her engagement and is sort of at a crossroads… and she said she wished she had her life together like me!!! Good Lord, that’s a scary thought! But it was nice of her to say, I guess. Of course, I enlightened her on the truth immdediately following.


I think I’d like to marry a Hispanic man. I was watching several Latino couples at the laundromat this weekend and they really seem to treat their wives and families as important and valuable. They’re playful, helpful and affectionate. Plus, they don’t seem to mind if their ladies are on the squishy or hairy side. These are all sweeping generalizations, I know… but it’s a nice thought.


Gotta go. I have 19 intern applications to go through and I’m procrastinating. A piece of advice: don’t ever call yourself a “cinephile.” It’s just creepy. And don’t call yourself a “prospering student.” It makes it sound like you’re making a lot of money to be in school, which is a total contradiction in terms. Never call your cover letter “the low calorie version” of yourself. It also helps if you include some sort of contact information, not just a letter about yourself. And last, but not least, learn the name of the organization you’re applying to. I won’t be hiring anyone who calls us the Harvest Film Festival or the Heartland Film Society or whatever other sloppy titles they can make up.



10 thoughts on “

  1. Congestion.Hangnail.No idea.
    I ran into a guy on New Year’s a couple years ago who was in like HALF my classes at school.  We even ambiguoulsy flirted for quite some time.  So after talking and talking at this party and him asking me for a New Year’s smoocharoo (he was denied), then he finally asked me my name.  I feel ya.  Being forgotten (no matter how drunk that person is) is not so fun.

  2. No August, huh?  As in, you’re out Aug 1 and on?  I was thinking August, to tell you the truth.  I’m also thinking somehow incorporating Germany because we could hook up with Manuel for housing.  But I’m up to think on it…

  3. after having tonsilitis X2 in the past few years, out of everything listed, I would pick sore throat last.  It was the worst possible feeling ever.  Well, maybe not as bad as cancer, but pretty bad. 

  4. sore throat,chapped lips,defintely NOT a midget kicking me in the nuts everyday. I would like to be able to say that I’d pick a midget kicking me in the nuts because I would “get over it” in a few minutes, and not have to worry about that stupid midget until tomorrow, but if you think about it: a midget kicking you in the nuts EVERY SINGLE DAY would definitely unravel or destroy something in there… I won’t get into the details, but I do say this, it is not good to be kicked in the nuts everyday.Depends on the latino I believe. You may just have a good run of them. Annie Erickson sounds familiar, but I can’t place it.I think hairy is unattractive in women. Maybe some guys like that though. Does this make me unappreciative of women?

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