Good in composition, beneficial in effect

Ladies and metro gents, I’ve found another life-changing product. Ranking right up there with the IPEX, this bodywash is amazing. It’s like those commercials where your shower turns into a botanical garden, and it leaves your skin super soft and nice-smelling all day. No more will I berate “Oil of Old Lady.”


I got my pictures developed (finally) and here’s one of the cutest nephew in the world. He was singing his ABC’s as I gave him his bath and he’d finish, “next time won’t you sing with Sammmyyyyyyyyyyy!”


Friday:  Interviewed four more intern candidates at Heartland, then worked at Starbucks. Almost got in a fight with Casey on more than one occasion. Had my weird neighbor, Dave, stop by the apartment when I got home, with smoothies in hand (which were very good) and we hung out and talked until almost 1 a.m. Nice, but weird, and stayed waaayyyy too long – plus he was wearing this tight metro black silky shirt and I could see his chest hairs sticking through. Saturday: Went to a bridal shower in Anderson, then caught up with my great friend Lindsay, finished off with some Easter shopping. Went home and watched a documentary for work. Sunday: Watched babies (they were ALL criers this week) did laundry, worked out and got in some Ultimate Spring Cleaning. Talked to a guy from Honduras at the laundromat and didn’t give him my number. He was nice, but come on, it’s a little uncomfortable folding one’s underwear in front of a perfect stranger and then having him ask you out. Even after all the nice things I said about Latinos a few posts back. Today: Traffic still sucks because of the storm damage and street closings. However, it’s going to be beautiful and sunny, so I’m walking to the Post Office at lunch to mail my dad’s birthday gift. I have Starbucks again tonight, but it will be slow because of the weather, the day of the week, and the Pacer’s losing streak. That’s OK by me.

Have a good one everybody.


5 thoughts on “Good in composition, beneficial in effect

  1. I’ll have to try that body wash – I’ve got some Dove kind right now…
    You’re right – he is the cutest nephew ever!
    Sounds like you had a fun and full weekend!

  2. I use Oil of Old Lady “anti blemish/anti wrinkle cream” and I love it! Oh, and Dove Skin Firming moisturizer is the best I’ve found in that category.

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