Had a great weekend in Nashville. Watched about 30 films in three days, had some great food, caught some sunshine, booed Miss USA with Heidi, Josh & Jill. Even though I took the trip for work, it didn’t really feel like work – it was good just to get away and listen to old music and think my own private thoughts for a while. Plus, I was an official VIP, which meant I got into all the movies free and could go to the open bar as often as I wanted. I think I cleaned them out of Sprite & mango rum. I’ve definately gotten the pooch back around my waist to prove it.

I was going to drive home last night after my final movie, but it would have been 3 or 4 a.m. by the time I got home. Instead, I made a last minute call and stayed with my coworker, Dave, and his wife, Monica, Slaughter. They live right down the street from Al Gore and Lamar Alexander in this lovely colonial/southern style brick home. And now they’re moving to Indy. We sat up late talking as he told me long stories about the old days and practical jokes with Payne Stewart and Amy Grant and Rich Mullins and Alan Jackson…

Speaking of music, I saw a really great set of music videos during the Nashville Film Festival (it was a wonderful break from “real” movies). Being that I don’t have cable, I really never see music videos, but I was attracted to this set because they were showing “Apparitions of Melody” by Kids In the Way, who are a bunch of old AU guys, one or two of whom I used to know. Anyway, it was good fun… I also liked “When In Rome” by Nickel Creek, “4th of July” by Shooter Jennings and “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way” by Leanne Rimes. One called “Your Mama” reminded me of Kevin.  Watch it.


If you were on “What Not to Wear,” which of your favorite pieces of clothing would be thrown away? I think the first thing to go for me would be this awesome, soft, baby blue t-shirt I bought in 1994 from the 5-7-9 Store in Billings. I used to wear it with seersucker shorts. Now I sleep in it and it’s all full of holes and stains and good comfort. Caroline, don’t say it, because I know you’re thinking it – I threw away the pants with the knots in the knees loooong ago. Hmpf.


Posted at a Kentucky gas station: “Do NOT scratch lottery tickets on the counter! Please take to the children’s play area.”


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  1. I didn’t even know about the film festival until last year so I was disappointed when I had lived here and missed it for 3 years.  Didn’t make it down this year because of work….but enjoyed it alot last year.  Got to catch the debut of “Missionary Positions” which was great.  Anyway, glad you had a good weekend…Hope you caught some good flicks… I’ll have to check out the reviews.  Any that stood out among the rest?

  2. Yea, one hot summer.  It’s weird to be “coming out” about it, actually.  Weird, but good.  Those stories need to be told.  Russia? Elevator? Vodka?  You betcha.  Finland? Lake? Rain?  Yep.  California coast?  Sunset?  Yes.

  3. No I did not. I got there Friday evening so my friend Matt and I just relaxed, then went downtown that evening. We only went Sat. night. I was mostly excited to see Ben Folds.

  4. Josh had you?  Does Heidi know?  And…sign actually posted on the wall in a Mexican restaurant in Miriah Hill in Southern Indiana:  “Please don’t spit on the floor.”  Needless to say, they went out of business.

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