Lesson of the Day: Work on your handwriting

I think this film reviewer meant to say: “Overall Impact of Film on Viewer:  Very little… simply seeing another family flick.”


Other News:

I found my diary in the trunk of my car. Sorry, Patels. Sorry, creepy housekeeping guy. “My key card won’t work, can you help me? My room number is 632.” “Seex…tree…two? Seex tree two?”

I think it’s funny how the new “in” thing is wild and bushy eyebrows. It’s in all the fashion rags I read while working out. When did we stop making fun of Brooke Shields? I even saw an advertisement for brow-growing cream. It’s like Rogaine for your eyebrows!!! Maybe I can cash in on this trend and sell my hair to “Locks of Love – Eyebrow Challenged Unit.”

Two weeks and 7 quarts of paint later, I will finish my bathroom TONIGHT. It’s a long story, but Lowe’s was having a heckuva time matching the original color they stirred up for me. I finally started from scratch with a new, darker green, and I’m going to steal a ladder from work and get ‘er done after work. Sheesh. So much for an “easy” project. I’ll post pictures if it isn’t too terrible.

Texas Ranch House starts tonight and I can hardly wait. If you get hooked (which you will), you’ll be one of the cool kids, too.

Next time I write, it will probably be from my new office – one with yellow walls, a huge window view out onto Meridian Street, real drawers and cabinets, and a DOOR.  The only sad thing is that I’ll miss having Claire in the same room. Who will I blabber to now?

Speaking of Claire (and I hope she won’t mind that I’m telling this), we realized yet another thing we have in common: when we were little, we both used to pretend we were Baleen Whales straning plankton through our teeth – only it was usually things like carrot jello salad or something. I know, disgusting, disturbing, but so funny. I’m glad there are other dorks out there. And if you’ve got a problem with that… stick it in your blowhole. Ha ha.

Family reunion this week in Montana… all except for me. I hope the sisters give David a good razzing since I won’t be there to do the honors. In other family news, Mom & Dad Koopman will be descending upon The Crossroads of America in June. I better start cleaning now.

Buy this CD tomorrow.  



10 thoughts on “Lesson of the Day: Work on your handwriting

  1. Hey, I am writing a short article for the local newspaper (likely to end up in the “Letters to the Editor” I’m sure), but I would like to email it to you and let you critique it if you’re interested. Let me know your email, and I’ll send it your way.

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