Happy Cinco de Mayo, mi Amigos!

My very green bathroom is finished (though, alas, my new office is not)!! I celebrated by lighting candles and enjoying a hot bubble bath while I ate peach sorbet with fresh strawberries.



BOOM! Don’t go to Border’s downtown if you’re buying “The Chess Hotel.” I already snagged their only copy – they hadn’t even put it on the shelf yet.

Listening to this stuff has been a colorful reminder of hearing it for the first time over a year ago when Thomas and I sat in my car and played it at an ungodly volume… I remember my parking lot attendent pacing behind my car, making sure everything was OK (similarly to what my boss is doing right now…).  I loved the sound then, and I’m glad to hear it again now.

“We are a loud, loud, LOUD band.”


I’ve only worked there 14 months, but almost every one of my favorite Starbucks people has moved on now… Jenny who knew the Gilges, Linnea who knew Jenny, Micah from Milligan, Charlie the German Girl, Sam the Buffest Chick I know, and now Robin the World’s Greatest Shift Manager. It’s sad, but the nature of things, I guess. At least I still have Mike “Dad” the hippie. His day job is some sort of ministerial duties at an Episcopalian church, he sports a looong ponytail, and he sings Irish drinking songs when he mops the floors. I don’t know what I’d do if “Dad” ever left.


Sometimes I think there is no such thing as simplicity left in the world. I see men riding their bikes on nature trails with all kinds of gear and cell phones glued to their ears… I elbow through the lines of women packed into Victoria’s Secret to buy the newest miracle bra…I serve kids their Grande-extra-whip-extra-carmel-double-blended-malted Vanilla Bean Frappucinos and get ordered to re-make the drink because they really wanted a Venti size…more “rewards” cards on my keychain than keys…TRAFFIC…and a morning doesn’t go by when I’m not awoken early by helicopters or sirens or dumptrucks…but then I remember – oh yeah – I live in a city.


Word on the Street: Ex-Tom is seeing a girl who lives in Washington, D.C. Funny how I didn’t realize that one part of “playing with fire” means he can forget and move on a lot sooner than I can. I wish him the best, nevertheless.



3 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo, mi Amigos!

  1. What up with the numbers at the end of your posts? i.e. 31/120……32/120……33/120.And sorry to here about ‘Tom’. I have a ‘Tom’. From three years ago. Who married a Mike. I still don’t think I’m over ‘Tom’ yet.

  2. Love the green bathroom!
    I am totally with you on the complexity of life. A visit to the Jore/Gilge estate would cure you temporarily There’s nothing like a walk down a quiet mountain road wondering if a just-awakened bear is looking at you to give you perspective.

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