New Office

At last, I am moved in. Take note, because this is probably the cleanest you will ever see my desk. (Gaa! White legs!)

And here’s a snapshot of the elusive and lovely Claire… whose office is now 3,254 miles away from mine. I think she should start a xanga so we can keep in touch across the miles of barren office carpetscape, and you can meet her, too. Plus she can teach you all how to knit.


I gave my boss a student film to watch a couple weekends ago and he is convinced someone stole it out of his car along with his cell phone earpiece, a little garbage can, some cinnamon, and $2 in quarters. Come on now, fess up – which one of you was it?


Yes, I’m reading that book – “Angels & Demons.” I’ve been wanting to see for myself what all this Da Vinci Code hype is about and when I saw this book at Goodwill yesterday, I snatched it up. I’m actually loving it… but I’m reading it as entertainment, not fact or anti-Christian fodder. We’ll see, though. They say whichever one you read first (“Angels & Demons” vs. “The Da Vinci Code”) will be your favorite.

Plus, I want to see the movie later this month – I love Audrey Tautou (I watched “Amelie” again this weekend. -sigh- So good.).



6 thoughts on “New Office

  1. I liked Angels and Demons better – but they’re very close.  And I think it’s ridiculous that people take that book as fact – I read it as entertainment as well and I would hope most people can make their own decisions about what they read/believe. 

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