It’s foggy this morning, and I really like it. It gives the air that misty, ethereal feeling, like you’re near an ocean or in the mountains. Somehow, it reminds me that I still live in a natural world, not just a manufactured city. It makes me think of bare feet and woodstoves and quiet. I like the fog.

It’s also a good day to have a window – the construction workers on the 2nd floor of the building across the street are bored and, as they often do when they are bored, have strung a $50 bill to some fishing line to trick passersby. They get such a big kick out of it, you’d think they were little boys again.

I had a dream about Angelina Jolie the other night. She was pregnant and lonely, so I was her friend and we went hiking. She was quieter than I imagined… and she seemed a little scarred from the way people treat her as a “husband stealer,” “wild woman,” and “slut.” I liked her, in the dream, though I’ve never really had an opinion about her in real life – I wonder if she’s really like that.

Our Starbucks finally got an in-house sound system, so my manager gave the staff all the CDs we’ve amassed and “marked out” over the past several years. I got about 10 – since it was a free-for-all, I didn’t score all my favorites, but this one I’m playing right now is definitely one of my top 5.


“What part of ‘volunteer’ don’t you understand?”

Sometimes that is what I feel like saying to people. We’ve got this group of about 50 “volunteer” screeners who watch our film entries as they come in. It’s sort of a coveted position and every year we outline our few, attainable rules, yet they’re consistently ignored. They don’t fill out their forms, they don’t give us notice to set out films for them, they keep their films for too long, they are rude to staff… grown adults!! The worst was a couple weeks ago when a lady called from Geist (the RICH North Indianapolis suburb where a lot of the Pacers and Colts live) and asked that we send staff people up there to drop off films, or maybe hold office hours in a Starbucks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She complained that it was SO inconvenient for her to drive 10 miles downtown (when she has no other job) and that it was SO expensive to pay for gas every week. If she can afford to live in Geist, she can probably afford the gas (she probably drives a SUV) – for the love, if it’s that important, she could probably write off the gas in her taxes.

I just don’t get it – why volunteer if you can’t follow through? Don’t people volunteer as a way to show the world what matters most to them? If the Heartland Film Festival is so important to people, why do we constantly have to be meeting their needs? There are so many extremely giving people in the world… why do those few have to make up for all the slackers?


The Way I See It #101: The most valuable thingsi n life are priceless. They are courage, compassion, wisdom, respect for ourselves and others, and a host of characteristics that we call the beauty of the human spirit.  — Herbie Hancock



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  1. Is #7 Rufus Wainright’s (well not written by him) “Hallelujah” on that cd? If so, I have that same one.

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