Then the 2006 fashion gods looked down from above and said…

“Let’s think of more ways to make short girls look even shorter.”

god #1 said, “Let there be lorts!”

god #2 said, “Ha! I can do better than that – let there be gauchos! They’re a tease to guys and on short girls, they look even more ridiculous with long boots.”

god #3 said, “Wait, what about super long shirts, too? The kind that tastefully hide love handles on tall girls but hide the entire bodies of short girls so they’ll just look like bowling pins with feet!”

and god #4 said, “Down with cute wedge heels –  let’s make flats all the rage! And just for fun, let’s make them resemble what misguided dorky little girls wore in the early 90s.”


Moral of the story: when it comes to current fashions, short girls can’t win. Good thing I’ve never been too fashion savvy anyhow.




8 thoughts on “Then the 2006 fashion gods looked down from above and said…

  1. I love “lorts” (my friend calls them shants, not quite shorts but not pants either). But I hate the really really long shirts. Some are ok, but the really long ones suck. I’ve had to resist buying a few things because it looks super cute but then it’s way too long.

  2. Short girls and curvy girls.  Let’s be honest.  I can’t do the long t-shirt thing because while it tastefully hides love handles for girls with super-long torsos, it only accentuates the curves in Keah’s extremely short curvy torso.  Not cute.  Boo on the fashion gods.  I agree.

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