Somehow, when I did a virus scan this morning, my xanga capabilities got all screwed up so now my comments on your sites are wacked out (and the spacing on this post is wrong, too). Sorry guys – and I thought of some really funny stuff, but I’m too technically inept (and too busy) to figure out how to fix it.

I also forgot to say I bought another beta – he’s a lovely shade of red, and his name is Rube.

My lunch today cost $.77

There’s a cop giving a parking ticket outside my window. Ouch.

Have a good weekend – Mom & Dad Koopman are coming in on Sunday.



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  1. I missed commenting on your last entry, so the following comment is about that:
    Dude!!! I thought I was the only one who ever read the Fraces books! My favorite was the one where she lived under the table for a while, so it’s weird that you mentioned it.
    Owen isn’t so bad looking…..
    ~The Aut~

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