I’m fried

Well, friends, sorry I’ve been lax at posting lately. I’ve been otherwise over-occupied with work, parents visiting, side jobs, and basically going out of my mind. Plus, I haven’t really had much interesting to say… no one wants to hear about how I work until 8pm, go home and crash in front of the TV with a beer and leftovers right out of the tupperware, maybe work out or add some more notes to my current writing project, then hit the sheets around 10:30. Snoooore.

Here’s a picture from my parents’ visit, instead.

Duckpin bowling with Mom. I inherited her sense of humor (though it’s a good thing you can’t see what she was doing with her bowling ball about 30 seconds earlier…). I also unfortunately inherited her habit of tunelessly whistling under my breath… I caught myself at it this very day.

On the trip we also went fishing (I caught my first bluegill on Lamb Lake), did the Conner Prairie thing, ate out, shopped, watched a bunch of “Arrested Development,” and bummed around Nashville, IN. My dad was pretty ill the first couple of days, but he had enough to say the last couple of days to make up for it. When I get pictures, they will follow.  Until then, here’s a picture of me “crimping” my hair at Conner Prairie – ah, it makes me once again miss the Tinsley House…


We’re spending the next two days at Heartland having an “Open House” for all our sponsors, donors, volunteers, etc. so they can see our new expansion. It’s a pretty big deal – we’ve rented out all these party supplies, have filled the place will balloons and flowers, and have tons of free food, candy and drinks sitting around on tables (which we, of course, are not supposed to touch – yeah right). I’m running the movies in two different rooms. It means I can’t hole up in my office for the next couple of days… therefore, I can’t get much work done. It also means I have to do my hair and makeup every day, arrive in a semi-ironed outfit, and cross my legs like a lady when I sit. Wish me luck? (pictures, l to r: entryway to our offices, Claire at the sign-in table, me with popcorn boxes)



Happy Birthday, Claire.



6 thoughts on “I’m fried

  1. Oooohhhhh Koop.  Sooooooo many possible rude, crude, lude and totally socially unacceptable possible comments.  But your mom’s there, so I’ll refrain.  But, nice popcorn boxes!

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