I sat on a peach this morning.

And my coffee, once delicious, tasted like the plastic of the “green” recyclable cup it was briefly transported in.

Now I’m drinking semi-flat Diet Coke out of a different coffee mug.

I’m really struggling here… because I’ve got about 200 other things I should be doing, including finishing an article for Relevant Magazine that is currently 5 days late and 1000 words over.

But I do actually have one legitimate thing to say…

After 10 years of friendship, I’m no longer allowed to speak to my “big brother,” Abram. This, after 10 years of advice, laughs, learning swearwords, driving fast, stressing out, and calling each other randomly, just to make sure we’re still around. This, after almost every other high school friend has gotten too busy to keep in touch.

Apparently, Abram’s girlfriend got a case of “the green-eyed monster” and took it upon herself to dig up his cell phone bills and see how many times we talk in a given month. Nevermind that it’s usually voicemails. Nevermind that I haven’t actually seen the guy in over three years. I have now become “the other woman.” 

I guess that means no surprise trip to Seattle for his birthday in August.

But he loves her, and I’m going to respect that. I guess it means we’ve both grown up, and now he has to choose her over me. I’m sure this will happen more as I get older and my guy friends continue to hook up. Still, the end of a great era is always sad. Stink.



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  1. If she’s that worried about the other woman, then it’s not about you. It may be about some other “other woman”, or she’s just insecure. It is sad though.
    And bad-tasting caffeinated drinks can really put a damper on your whole day. My coffee this morning is also not so great, don’t know why.
    I love being the first to comment

  2. I hate that. The friend’s girlfiriend. It’s a stupid world:) Hopefully once they get their relationship worked out she will realize it isn’t as big a deal as she thought. But I am glad he has the sense to respect her too. Here’s to friendships that last through the “I don’t know what to call that horrid time when people are very focussed on themselves and their significant other and all other relationships go out the window till they are married or broken up” 🙂
    Have a better rest of your day!

  3. It’s always hard to say good-bye to a friendship, even if it may be temorary.  I’m sorry.  I’m also sorry you sat on a peach and that your drinks were disappointing.  I hope your day ended better!  ;o)

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