Important things I’ve learned after college:

– Just because it fits, doesn’t mean you should wear it

– You can wipe the oil from the sides of your nose onto your finger tips and use it to dissolve the fizzy head on top of soda or beer

– There is great profundity in “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” which only Sammy and I can understand

– Torino is not in Japan, nor is Madrid in Italy (hey, I only thought one of those…)

– A cupa coffee can’t really be made into a barometer (I’m too gullible)


– No one thinks I’m funny, especially not in staff meetings

– Birthday cake makes a good breakfast

– Brushing only cleans 50% of the plaque from your teeth… that’s why you should floss

You can make a bomb/geyser with a 2 liter bottle of soda and a pack of mentos candy

– Nothing is worth sacrificing your personal integrity



7 thoughts on “

  1. I’d like to hear about the mentos bomb! If you ever become funny in staff meetings, it ought to alarm you because it signifies some kind of warped Office-Space-esque sell-out. Hey, which could be good for the pocketbook, but I’m never going to get up in front of a meeting and introduce an “exciting new program for all of us to get fit, jockey with each other in a new employee bonus points program, save the company on health insurance, and win a trip to Cudahy, WI for two with free cheese!” Yay!

  2. MaryAnn – – Hello! You don’t know me, but I am a friend of one of your friends. How’s that for an aqwardesque introduction?Last night I was at Christie McNabb’s and we were having tea – when we started talking about Relevant among other things – and your name came up. Your name sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure where I’d heard it – but.. come to find out a friend of mine applied for an internship with you [Christie tells me she did the same :)] and then we had a little celebration for you as she told us that you’d have an article in an upcoming relevant. So while this whole introducing myself over xanga thing is pretty cheesy and reminds me of seventh grade, I say what the heck – I go to AU, you went to AU.. I can practically hear the alma mater now..So all of that to say Hi, hello! Whichever form works best. I like your above stated things you’ve learned . . . I find it a good thing to stop and remind ourselves how much we do know when we feel as if we know nothing.Well, this concludes my “comment” I hope you have a good day. And again, congrats on the relevant story. I’ll be watching for it!-dane.

  3. You can’t help it you work with a bunch of “soured-on-life, think-meetings-are supposed-to-be-a-place-for-serious-discussion” individuals!  I think I’ve been to those same staff meetings.  Try having a light hearted meeting with a bunch of engineers that can talk for 45 minutes about a wing nut!  Snore!  And I think WE”RE funny!

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