Xanga: Rainy musing

Rainy days are good for ghost stories and Simon & Garfunkel. The book will have to wait until bedtime, but at least I can have the music now. One of my earliest memories is driving the rainy Seattle streets on a family vacation when I was 3… and our old black Buick tape deck was cranking out Simon & Garfunkel.


I also like Ryan Adams and Dido when it rains. Coldplay makes me think of autumn. The Perishers, Jamie Cullum and Aqualung are winter. KT Tunstall and Rachel Yamagata are spring. Gabe Dixon, Nickel Creek, the Rolling Stones and Alison Krauss are summer. Why? Who knows.




I thought last week might actually turn out to give me a little down time… good grief, was I wrong! Though I did get to take ONE night off to see “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” with Claire and Regan, the other nights were spent in long, hard labor at the office. Thursday, I ate lunch at 7 pm and got home around 10… Friday, I skipped lunch all together. Don’t misunderstand, I love being busy with the excitement of fantastic secret independent films bubbling in the Heartland pot, but I’ve been neglecting the other important things in life, too.


My rose bush is dying. My prescription ran out. I haven’t finished one chapter of my Film Studies text book, not to mention the syllabus. But most of all, I’ve been a horrible mother to Lucy. I haven’t had her nails or wings clipped in ages. When I finally went to play with her last night, she trembled in my hands like I was a stranger. Out of pure guilt, I’m considering putting her up for bird adoption. This is how the notice would read:


Are you my new mother? Free to a good home: One 2-year-old cockatiel named Lucy. Loves cuddling, crafts and being obstinate. Will dance and sing freely to Beck or Britney Spears. Eats leafy vegetables without complaint. Does not appreciate being taught obscene phrases from boys. Molts only when stressed or lonely. If interested, send references to Koopgirl.






One of the downsides to working at a nonprofit is that whenever you need help on a project, everyone shouts, “call in the volunteers!” Now, I love me some good volunteers, and I am one myself in other capacities, but somehow, I always get stuck with the duds.


Friday I had a 600 piece mailing and we brought in 3 volunteers to do it. If staff had done it, we would have finished in an hour or two. But not these ladies – they wanted to gab like the dickens and didn’t finish until after 1 pm! That wouldn’t have been so bad if the middle-aged biddies hadn’t been annoying as all get out, not to mention eating all my donuts. And unfortunately, I was still compiling the schedule in the same room where they were working, so I had to hear all the ridiculous topics of discussion they decided to cover.


– “I just hope they don’t send troops into Cuba, now that Fidel is sick. From what I hear, things are pretty good in that country.” (Oppression is always fun)


– “None of this would have happened if George Bush wasn’t friends with Osama Bin Laden’s family… and why wouldn’t the airport security search them before they left the country???” (why WOULD they? 9/11 hadn’t happened yet)


– “You know, all the problems in our country with violence would be solved if they just legalized drugs. Then no one would want them. And heck, then I could start taking them again.” (TMI)


– “I just can’t believe these kids who think that their hip hop music is a true expression of themselves. They don’t really have lives like that. It’s nothing but language! No one talks like that. They sure don’t in church.” (Oh yeah, my bad, I forgot we’re all supposed to live at church)


– “I don’t know what’s wrong with kids today – this new generation just confuses me. Like my daughter – she never leaves my grandson with me. In my day, it was the grandma’s job to watch her grandkids.” (Um, unless you’re CRAZY) 


But more aggravating than all this was the fact that I had a tight deadline and they were bugging me every two seconds for favors. “Miss Maryann? Could you put in another CD? We like to have music.” “Miss Maryann? Can you bring us more coffee?” “Miss Maryann? We don’t like the way these letters [holds up stack of 50+ envelopes] were sorted or addressed, so we’ll just put them over here for you to figure out.” “Miss Maryann? Did you see this film? Have you ever heard of this company? Is anyone famous in this movie? What’s the price of tea in China?”


Argh. If you can’t tell, I’m still stewing about it. Frankly, I’d prefer to have 14 crawlers from church in the same room with me rather than ever working with these women again. Thus, why I’m a control freak and like to do all my own work. Now back to work – I really have a million things to do. But I just wanted to stop in and say hi. And it’s stopped raining – time to change music.




7 thoughts on “Xanga: Rainy musing

  1. I know exactly what you mean!  Every year, we have 6 little ladies come to our office to help with our big Homecoming mailing.  “Pick a little, talk a little….”  They are absolutely hilarious – unless you want to try and get them to move quickly or stay focused!

  2. Have these women never had real jobs? We have volunteers at the Birth Center too, but they seem to be productive. They’re mostly my age or younger, toting babies or letting them crawl around. Or the college student ones; they’re good too.  And they don’t bug me for stuff. I would hide or get mean.
    You could let the guys across the hall birdsit. Just a thought.

  3. i love you.  and it was so good to see you…aww, that comment about Coldplay reminding you of fall makes me want fall real bad…mostly because fall has always signified good beginnings…speaking of, you’ll be around more this fall and i have a place now pretty much to myself so you’ll have to come by after class for coffee and chat.  see you soon, my love.

  4. Oh don’t worry….hearts and flowers make me gag.  I can’t get too giddy, because I always hated it when my friends would forget about their single friends.  That’s one thing I said I would never do – I guess it’s good to be single for forever because when you do get into a relationship, it’s like the “what NOT to do”

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