Xanga: Long Week

whew. what a week. what a long, exhausting week. such a week, i can’t even find the will to properly capitalize.


a stupid fish stole my favorite loure on wednesday… a little crawdad with a rattle inside that looks like it’s injured when it’s swimming. lost in the depths of eagle creek.


i almost had my face ripped off by upper management on friday… or at the very least, my blood was frozen by the look on her face. it was one of the worst experiences i think i’ve ever had in this office, and i responded by acting like sammy, slamming doors and throwing things to show my disgust. she responded to this, appropriately, by patting me on top of the head and talking down (even more) to my poor, pathetic personage.


my car has been making a clink-clunk-jingle sound from the back driver’s side. and i noticed there’s a nail in one of the tires, which means it’s only a matter of time before it goes flat.


friday, i hit up the fair with annie and mike, where we alternated between petting farm animals (and fish – i touched a paddlefish!) and eating their byproducts. i can now honestly confess that i’ve eaten a fried oreo, fried reese’s cup, and half of a fried ho-ho (which, i guess, makes it a fried ho). full up to our ears in grease, we got a little cross with one another (or maybe i just got cross), and went home.


saturday, i had heartburn all day (duh). i worked an ok shift at starbucks, but it seemed like an eternity around about 4:30 pm when i was scrubbing the grout between the tiles with a toothbrush (in a skirt) while the other guys on duty sat in the cushy chairs on their cell phones. something in me snapped and i went into the back room, again resumed my 3-year-old actions, and began to cry at the injustices of my life. and i was tired. finally, joe came back and stood there awkwardly as casey began to make me even angrier as he told me to stop feeling sorry for myself. anyway, something must have worked, because i dried my tears and went back to work for another hour and was fine. i went home and watched “elizabethtown” and cried a little more and then it was done.


But this is a new week.


The goodness began to seep in last night, when I took a bath with Ryan Adams (music, perverts) and wrote in my diary. And I had Boddington’s and Dorito’s for dinner – I didn’t even care if it made me chubby.


I began the Monday morning walk from the parking lot to the building by getting scared witless as a semi crashed into the bridge overhead that didn’t provide enough clearance. This happens every so often, but still, I felt bad for these poor guys – what a way to start their day! Glad it wasn’t me.


I’ve got a good latte sitting here with me. It’s a beautiful day, and I get to leave a little early to pick up some stuff. But the best part of this week will hopefully be Friday. I’ve got two pieces of art in the Starbucks Avante Grande art show… and I’ve got a great dress to wear.


My art isn’t that good (I debated even telling you all about it), but I think it will just be a fun evening, to mill around, dressed up, sipping wine, and see what these Hoosier baristas have done and how they look at life through their cameras or pencils or paintbrushes… and I wish you all could be here.


10 thoughts on “Xanga: Long Week

  1. oooh, oooh, oooh, I love that CD it will make bad days better, so listening to it on the day that starts the good days is a good idea! I hate weeks like your last one, but I have to admit, I selfishly like them too, just the chance to act like a three year old is so nice once in a while. I get so tired of being grown up and handling things the right way, that when I let my atitude get the best of me and go with it, it is satisfying and fun until I remember what a jerk I am being to everyone else. But in that mood I like that part too. You should be ten this week and just have a great time no matter what happens:)

  2. (Now you can debate posting pictures of your art.  Here’s a pro:  I want to see it.)
    Has anyone else commented on your profile picture?  I recognize a few of the pictures, but I vote that you should post a full size version so we can appreciate all the work you put into personalizing it.
    Hang in there, Maryann.

  3. I once had my boss in such a bad mood that he started having spittle flying from his mouth as he was ranting and shouting.  It was all i could do not to let me temper go.  I know, I know… no one thinks i have a temper, but i have a problem with getting yelled at.  It makes me really angry, so i can understand what you felt like. 

  4. What medium?  Sometimes it’s good to just cry.  I wish I had a little more capacity for a good cry.  It’s usually not in me.  But I think I learned to cry this past year.  Or at least, I cried more this past year than I cried in about ten years.  It’s good.  I’m glad you are able to cry.

  5. I gave up on those dumb surveys that I was filling out to fill the void of time in my life (I no longer have that either) because they always asked, “when was the last time you cried?” and I always had to respond either “today” or “yesterday”. 

  6. 1. Often a tire place will fix your tire if it’s just a nail for free. Take it to one before it gets worse!
    2. Yes, show your art!
    3. I had a similar day at work yesterday. I wish I could have acted a bit more immature. You always could throw a good tantrum

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