Xanga: Artist and Professor?

Tonight is my very first class at Anderson University. It’s going to be totally weird being the teacher, the advisor, the disciplinarian, the hard-assed grader. What the hell am I going to talk about for three hours?


Every week?


Anyway, I know it will be fun, and I’m sure the nerves will rise and subside as I get more used to it. I’m pretty excited about some of the films I’ll be showing and some of the stuff we’ll be talking about… we’ve even got a class on Halloween (a golden opportunity)!! I’ve got such a new perspective on things, especially as I’m reading the textbook and finding out things I’d forgotten.


Just pray for me as I begin. I’m stepping out into a lot of unknowns these days.




I wish I had some pictures of the art show for you all, but alas, I’ve not received them yet. I forgot the digital camera I was going to take, so I’m waiting on two lovely ladies I know who took pictures to email them my way.


It was a good time. I sold nothing. It was incredibly intimidating, seeing everyone’s work and finding out all about their credentials and educations… but it was fun. Great food and drinks… you should try martinis with Starbucks liquer sometime. Wow.


I don’t know that I’d do it again, though. See, I began tooling around with art when I graduated from college and wanted to experiment a bit. I started with a lot of mixed media stuff, which is what I love to look at in professional galleries, but then moved on to real painting, still lives, etc.(yes, Caroline, I do use the easel, all the time!). But I always did it for me – as long as it represented something I felt, or was “good” in my own estimation, I kept it, framed it, put it on the wall. But when you open yourself up to an art show, or to letting others see your work in any form… it’s a different ball game. All of a sudden, you give them permission for their opinions to matter. Then you start being more critical of your work, and you look at it differently, trying to make it into something “they” will like. At least, that’s how it was for me. So when you see my paintings, note that the still life is one I did in an evening, on my own, for myself. The second, a painting of my apartment building, was begun for me, but ended up being done for the Starbucks show. And I really don’t like it very well.


I love admiring the amazing techniques of Kandinsky or Picasso or Rembrandt or Renoir… but I’m not them, nor will I ever be. Neither will any of the other artists who showed their work next to mine. But maybe they’re all made of something a little tougher, that enables them to survive critical acclaim or failure and keep trying. I think I’ll stay content with my creativity being completely self-serving. I’m a little more confident to “touch the masses” through my writing or cooking or rug-crocheting.






Pumpkin Spice Lattes made their yearly debut this morning, and I am very happy.


Someone I used to know said he liked getting Pumpkin Spice kisses, one chilly November night.  It seems like a long time ago now.




17 thoughts on “Xanga: Artist and Professor?

  1. I’m glad you paint.  I think it’s important to do something for you.  And I’m slightly jealous that you actually put it out there – there’s no way anyone will ever hear my music, let alone see my art.  So props to you, Professor Koop.

  2. Sure wish I could tell who you’re with in your profile pic…  (PS You look great.)
    “Then you start being more critical of your work, and you look at it differently, trying to make it into something ‘they’ will like.  At least, that’s how it was for me.”  I hear ya.  …Sometimes I find myself telling my children things that I need to pay attention to, so I’ll tell you what I once told Mari when she was unnecessarily seeking my approval in one of her artworks:  “If it’s pleasing to God, and it’s pleasing to you, it’s good enough.  You don’t have to worry about what I think of it.”  So don’t worry, I won’t be analyzing your artwork.  But if it does, as you say, represent something you felt, I think it’ll go a long way toward letting the rest of us know you better.

  3. I heart pumpkin spice lattes mucho.  There goes another $10-$15 a week from now until end of the “pumpkin season”.  That doesn’t even count how frequently I’ll crave pumpkin muffies from Panera.

  4. Guess what! I went on a road trip to Dallas and saw the Elms again for my birthday three days ago, and you’re right! Owen really does look better with shorter hair! Hahahah, I feel like such a silly girl writing this, but it’s true .
    haha. pumpkin spice kisses. that’s cute.
    ~The Aut~

  5. i love that i am going to tell you via xanga about my new dog. 🙂 we have officially adopted Speck…or Speck-Tacular… 🙂 So he is new as of yesterday….you MUST meet him…he’s a hoot!

  6. You are courageous to put yourself out there in many different ways. I’m sure your students will be looking forward to your class all week! I wish I could audit it
    I will now HAVE to try a Starbucks liquer martini.

  7. Professor Koopman!
    That’s great you’re teaching at AU! How did you swing that?  So do you ever come up to Chicago?  I’m up here now working full-time and it’s rough!  Great city though.  Give me a shout when you get a chance.

  8. AHH, I F-ing love you! Sorry, I can’t keep the excitement to non-cussing vocabulary, but when I saw the above quote, I nearly split my briches!  My dearest Maryann, when I return to the states we are so re-inacting BJone’s.  I hope classes went well, love you dearly and thoughts and prayers are sent your way!

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