Xanga: Pictures, at last

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Claire and Regans’ Wedding, last Saturday… one of my favorite weddings ever.

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Someone once described Claire as being beautiful in a “striking” way… I must agree. And MmmmMMmm, was the cake ever good.


Art. And me.

048_48    061_61

Me. And Annie (with some woman checking our tickets at the Fair). Can you tell I’m super excited? Also note the “fried goodness,” according to Annie.

Sorry I’m a little grouchy this morning. I woke up at 5 something and couldn’t get back to sleep (I’ll tell you why in a second), so I got up and made a big breakfast and got ready for work… and now I’m here, and I’m tired and cross. Plus I’ve got a song stuck in my head – the one my counselors at summer camp used to sing to wake us up: Rise and shine and give God the glory glory, rise and shine and give God the glory glory, RISE and SHINE and (clap) give God the glory glory, children of the Lord.

Ugh, I didn’t feel like shining then, and I sure don’t now.

So, lots going on, if you can’t tell. Six weeks, my friends – six weeks until the 2006 Heartland Film Festival. And I’m so freaking behind, it’s not even funny. Ugh. But it’ll be a good time, I think, once everything falls into place. (cross your fingers and toes, please)

Last night was Class Numero Dos. I gotta tell ya, it’s wearing me out. I’ve never talked for 3 hours at a time before… even with film clips, it’s a lot of preparation and a lot of nervous anxiety for dumb little me. I kid you not – last night, half the class was asleep and the other half were making fun of me (I was using awkward gestures and repeating myself a lot… I don’t know why… but the teasing just made me more self-conscious and then I kept losing my train of thought and having to apologize). Not only that, but just like Kevin said, I’m having a rough time not trying to “make friends” with other students. There’s this one girl in particular who is really sweet and reminds me of that confused self I was when I was at AU (heck, part of me never stopped being confused)… but as I walked off last night, with a smug grin on my face, feeling like an Anne Shirley who had just found her Emeline Harris, I stopped and realized – Oh Crap – I’m going to have to give her a fair grade, just like everyone else. What if her work really sucks? What if she doesn’t really try or doesn’t turn in assignments or skips class? What if I have to FAIL her?? She’ll hate me, and I’ll be the real failure. Why? Because I sort of feel like she’s the only one I’ve been able to get excited or even encouraged about this class… and if I lose her, I’m only left with the snoozers.

Like I said, I’m grouchy this morning, so I’m sure this is blown way out of proportion. It also doesn’t help that I’m trying to figure out how to stop blurting out my typical Nervous-Maryann-isms. You know, the inappropriate things I think but should never say out loud? My friends may laugh and excuse me – but students, well, I should be more professional in front of students. And co-workers. And filmmakers. But let’s just say that while watching “La Dolce Vita” last night, while in front of a group of 23 impressionable young minds, I may have made reference to Sylvia’s enormous ta-tas. Um, yeah. Not sure how to fix that one. That is, if I hypothetically made such a blunder.

I seriously don’t belong in normal society.


12 thoughts on “Xanga: Pictures, at last

  1. Were the colors of the wedding chocolate brown and that pretty blue?  That’s what I’ve wanted to do – I love those colors together.
    “If you only knew all the things I wanted to say but didn’t…at least give me some credit.”  – Anne Shirley
    Lovely pictures – thanks for sharing!

  2. Claire is striking! And you look skinny. I like your art.
    I think we’re both doomed to diarrhea of the mouth in front of people. At my last Centering class with six pregnant couples, I handed out tote bags with preggo silhouettes on the front. To the dad who’d been annoying me for 2 hours with stupid jokes I said “You seem like you like to look at naked women”. Uh, yeah. Can’t recover from that one either.
    I hate you for getting that song stuck in my head.

  3. Okay, so more pictures just happened to sneak in here between the time I first looked at this … and now.
    Presuming that’s the groom and the bride, I’d say it fits my recently (this summer) reformulated idea of a perfect wedding.  Comfortable, reasonable dress for the bride — topped off by the very unnecessary but delightful fact that the groom’s suit matches her hair.
    You ARE very brave to do the class thing.

  4. The first few times doing ANY new job are the hardest, so I am sure the added bonus of having to do them in front of a room full of studenst makes it worse. I have only had to do it with first graders who at least think, wow she is old… she must know everything.
    Diarrhea of the mouth is actually called Logorrhea and is a real word.
    Pronunciation[law-guhreeuh, log-uh-] Pronunciation Key
    <TABLE class=luna-Ent>
    <TD class=dn vAlign=top>1.
    <TD vAlign=top>pathologically incoherent, repetitious speech.
    <TABLE class=luna-Ent>
    <TD class=dn vAlign=top>2.
    <TD vAlign=top>incessant or compulsive talkativeness; wearisome volubility.

    [Origin: 1900–05; logo- + -rrhea]
    So there you have it. Well, there it is. Not saying you have it… Ok, Now I got the squirts.

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