Xanga: Sept. 13, 2006

It’s one of those days where the rain and chill of the early morning make you want to stay snuggled up in bed. It reminds me of the book where Ramona wants to feel like a cozy baby bunny all day so she wears her pajamas underneath her clothes to school. I love this kind of weather.

Class last night went much better, I think. At least, no one fell asleep, there was good discussion, and even a little bit of non-Maryann-provoked laughter. I’ve got some intense students, though… and three of them had to leave early because of Rush.

The funny thing is – front page of the Andersonian reads, “Parental Permission Required for Rush” or some such nonsense. Yes, it is all too true – now all students under 21 have to get their PARENTS to sign a release form before they can Rush a club. Go AU – way to bring students into the world of adults. And considering that I was probably one of a handful of Senior rushees in years, I’d guess that most students are gonna have to ask Mom and Dad. Apparently the university insurance company advised it – though, of course, they’d never advise the campus to be somewhere other than Anderson where rapists, flashers and druggies abound. “We have determined that said activities, including pies-in-the-face and crawling through mud, pose significant enough risk to require parental permission et al.” Oh Please.

So… I think I’m going to skip the game tonight and email the tickets on to a roommate of a friend of my old neighbor. Yes, I do not lie. But I am sad to not make the trip myself – I just got to thinking, and having to drive 8 hours by myself for a game when I’m right in the middle of my crazy busiest time is just a bit too much. If I had someone to drive with me, maybe let me sleep a little on the way back, I’d still go. But as it is, I don’t think I’d enjoy myself… I’m too tied up in knots as it is. It’s really my own fault, but I’m still sad. I know I shouldn’t make such a big deal about $40 worth of baseball tickets… but good God, I really need a vacation. Maybe I’ll get a manicure instead?

I’ve found that stress doesn’t make me a very nice person (many of you can attest to this). But maybe sometimes that’s a good thing? Like when I took my 4 NEW TIRES back to Costco the other night, for the THIRD TIME, to be refilled with air because they keep going flat. It’s a long story…nitrogen…corroded rims…blah blah blah… but it’s really annoying to just have spent nearly $400 on tires that go flat every few days. Anyway, so my nerves were almost worn out, so I sort of went off on the tire guy (and he did NOT like that much), but then I calmed down and he promised to do his best. Then I went into the store and sat in a massage chair for 20 minutes. Anyway, the moral of that story is that I felt bad being grouchy, but it got the job done… sort of. I need to learn the balance between sticking up for myself and being a total beeyotch.

I need some coffee. Care to join me?


10 thoughts on “Xanga: Sept. 13, 2006

  1. Hmm.  Coffee.  Sounds good.
    Probably a good idea not to try to drive 8 hours by yourself in the middle of crazy busy times.  Come to my house — I’ll give you a manicure, ask you to make me a latte (I’ve never been a barista), and we can watch Anger Management together.

  2. try being pregnant and stressed out. See, there is always something worse:) You should find a hot tub to soak in and then the manicure. I am sorry about your tires. that stinks. Half the good in getting new tires is not having to worry about them, so when something like that happens, it makes it allllllll worse.

  3. What baseball game? I went to a Cardinals game last night, and they’re pretty much the only team worth rooting for…. Can you tell St. Louis is a baseball city?
    Coffee. MmmHmm

  4. I admire the fact that you did get a little mad, even if it was at the tire guy.  I tend to not stick up for myself in situations like that.  So it ends up leaving me with the short end of the stick a lot, just because I won’t speak up.  Grrr.  I hate being non-confrontational sometimes.

  5. Pedicure.  The pedicure is the new manicure.  That’s the way to go!  Sorry life is stressful, but I hear you.  I sleep with a notepad next to me so that I can continue my “to do” lists for school and work, even when I wake up in the wee hours.

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