Xanga: Airing my dirty laundry…

It’s finally getting to feel like a nice, lovely, chilly autumn around here. I was excited yesterday, so I broke out my leather coat to wear to work. I spent the whole morning with our Gala editor, so that was they first place I wore the coat. As I stood at the front desk, chatting with the office manager, I began to pull things out of the pockets of the coat – things I had forgotten were there!

We laughed as I pulled out a keychain from a homeless man, a sunglasses pin from a mixed drink, and lipstick, some receipts… and then… I pulled out a pair of panties. Good God, I have no idea what I was doing with a pair of panties in my pocket of a coat I haven’t worn since Spring. That’s what I get for jabbering on and on about mindless things to people who already think I’m crazy.


Second order of business – I gave my students their Midterm on Tuesday and *gulp* the average score was a 70%. Several of them failed all together. I don’t know what to do… curve the grade? Offer extra credit? Add a final, so that the Midterm is only worth 20% of the grade, rather than 25%? I don’t know… and I feel like a sucky professor. It was hard, yes – but everything on it was from class, movies, or the text. I even told them some of the things that would definitely be on it and they still didn’t get them right. Just goes to show, you should always study, even for a “fluff” class.


Anyway, I love fall in Indiana…even if I am pulling my hair out as I work consecutive 12 -16 hour days. It just smells good… and the leaves are pretty and I sleep so much better… the Corner Coffee Shop has spiced buttered rum coffee and Starbucks has the Maple Macchiato and Pumpkin Spice lattes… there are apple orchards and baked goods…and everything I see and do and listen to and taste makes me remember that the Festival is coming (in ONE WEEK!) and it’s my most exciting time of year. With or without Dakota Fanning or stupid old Patrick Dempsey.

It’s more than just movies. I keep doing this crazy job because I believe in it… and I want to show the world, as well as myself, that movies can restore your hope for humanity… and that hope is good.


5 thoughts on “Xanga: Airing my dirty laundry…

  1. Fall is beautiful in Houston Texas too. It’s like the balmy, cool end of summer for another 3 months, haha I will have to try these pumpkin spice lattes. I saw an advertisement for them at Starbucks the other day, but decided to go with something I already knew I liked and got a caramel frappucino instead. Next time I will though.~The Aut~

  2. I find weird things in my suit pockets every now and again because i usually only wear them to weddings, which usually are months apart.  So, i often find things I hadn’t seen for a long, long time.   In fact, last wedding i went to I found some bubbles from a previous wedding, and got to use them since i forgot to the first time. 

  3. It’s always good to carry extra panties in your coat pocket.  You just never know when they might come in handy or useful!  But beware — next time I see you I’m checkin’ your pockets!!!!

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