Xanga: Heartland 2006

Tomorrow, it all gets underway… www.HeartlandFilmFestival.org. The posters are everywhere, the street flags and banners are up, the media is bubbling, the filmmakers are arriving… and the clothes in my closet are clean, pressed and labeled by day, because I’m that much of a geek.

In the meantime, here’s an amusing story while I have a couple minutes to kill:

I got on the elevator yesterday with a dolly all loaded up with boxes. Now, we’re in an old building, and sometimes the elevator doesn’t do what you want it to….so when I hit the 1 button, it took me to floor 3 (we’re on the 2nd Floor). OK, fine – the door opens and a guy and a girl get on with me, continuing the conversation they’d apparently been sharing as they waited. It took me about two seconds to figure out they worked at Planned Parenthood, because the girl began lecturing the guy about how “I really need that report you’re doing on how to properly put on a condom.” The two began to argue about the procedure and the actual report itself, as I stood there awkwardly with my dolly o’ boxes. Again, we’ve hit the 1 button, but we stop on 2, where a sweet little old lady volunteer named Mary gets on with us. The other two with me immediately shut up. She looks at them and looks at me, as we are all eerily silent, and, in her bright little way says, “Well, look – there’s four of us! We could play bridge!”


Other funny things that have been said this week:

Me: “Hi, uh, I’d like a cheeseburger happy meal with a diet coke and a boy toy.”

Me, on the phone: “Happy Anniversary, Joe! Oh, uh, sorry.. you’re Tom? Let me put you on hold, Tom…”

Here are a couple from My Boss, who is the sweetest guy in the world, but sometimes comes out with the quirkiest comments… picture your dad saying the following…

Regarding a filmmaker who isn’t coming: “What? He can’t come? Well could he maybe do a down and dirty video out in the field for us?”

At dinner tonight: “I had a weird dream last night, too. I was hanging out with Mick Jagger and we had to rent a helicopter to get him to his concert.”

Also at dinner tonight, to Diana, our elderly coworker: “Well, at least your earrings match today.”


Thanks for all the comments and suggestions for what I should wear…I’ll keep you posted. Unfortunately, the only halter dress I have is a dark purpley-red… and I don’t want to buy something new…but we shall see. I think I’ll change things up and go with the hair down and straight though!


10 thoughts on “Xanga: Heartland 2006

  1. haha. I hear funny things like that all the time at work, like today when the manager was leaving at my work, as I said “Bye!” she replied, (this is a bit dirty) “Bye, girl! I’m off like a prom dress!” Bad, yes. but funny.
    good luck with your film festival!
    ~The Aut~

  2. I’m that much of a geek, too.  Once upon a time, when my girls went to visit Grandma Lois, I packed their outfits — including undies and socks — in small wastebasket liners, taped shut, neatly stacked, labeled by day.  (It’d make sense if you could see the M.O. for that house:  1. Dump suitcase contents on floor.  2. Ignore until it’s time to go home.  )  I’d do it that way still, but I can’t afford to take the time.  Being a mother of six = OCD cure.
    Anyway, one less thing for you to worry about once things start getting hectic, right?  Geeks don’t have to worry about finding a clean outfit at the last minute. 

  3. You better have gotten the boy toy for your nephew since I never take him to McD’s Hope you have a fabulous festival and everything matches! (do you have spare outfits labeled by day in case you spill on one? you don’t want to throw off the whole week….)

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