Xanga: In Short…

We’re up in attendance numbers at all our theaters.

My boss has closed down the bars with filmmakers three nights in a row. Last night I was at his side.

Halter. Red. Down. But my Gala date stood me up.

If you’re trying to see the Webcast of the Gala, it’s up now.

I forgot to send in midterm grades.

My unofficial favorite films won Best Documentary and Grand Prize.

It was such an honor to meet Jimmy Stewart’s daughter, Judy. What a great lady.

Irishmen are adorable.

I carry on so many conversations during the day, I can’t remember who I’ve told what… very annoying for both the listener and me.

One of the Ebersol boys kissed me on the cheek and asked for my number…but everyone does that at the Gala when they’ve won an award.

On the busiest day of my work year, I had to, in half an hour, buy (and learn) a new cell phone.

I’ve been here two hours and have not done a thing but answer phone calls and emails and write this post. But at least you know what’s up with me.

Quote of the week, said to me last night: “My wife and I went to BYU and it’s like a meat market – it’s great… You’d make a good Mormon.”


5 thoughts on “Xanga: In Short…

  1. It’s fun to catch up on your life…. I need to get back with the xanga thing…  I just got a new cell phone about three weeks ago, and I’ve already dropped it twice.  A clattering drop each time.  Grrr.  Two years with a dented cell phone.

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