Xanga: Irish filmmaker

Every once in a while in a person’s life, one needs to have an adventure, do something spontaneous and a little scary…

Three months ago, I called up a filmmaker in Ireland to tell him he’d won a Crystal Heart Award. Two weeks ago I met him.

I’m spending Christmas in Ireland.


UPDATE: pictures.

Heartland001       mkkwcrop

Kristi Wilkinson and me posing as “dummies” for the photog’s setup…

HFF Gala D 087

– Me with director and cast of “Outlaw Trail”


– The Gentleman (and he is a gentleman) in question, Frank Kelly

HFF AMC Greenwood D 057

The filmmakers from “Ithuteng,” including the infamous Ebersol brothers. I like this picture because you can see my favorite radio DJ, Paul Mendenhall, interview Angelo Pizzo in the background. Poor Angelo is still getting asked about what it was like to make “Hoosiers” and “Rudy”…


11 thoughts on “Xanga: Irish filmmaker

  1. you look absolutely amazing.  and ireland, huh?  interesting.  very interesting.  i must say i admire you greatly and want to hear the full story when you get back.  miss you and love you much, my koop girl.  what if i came to stay the night with you soon?

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