Xanga: Still no snow.

But I’ve got club level Pacers tickets for tonight! Horray! I’m taking Annie. And I won’t go to Starbucks, even to gloat.

Do you know that they told me last week they were going to do ME the favor of letting me stay on with a short holiday break because turnover makes THEM look bad. Figure that one out.

I went to a lunch today for the Indiana Youth Institute where Rupert Boneham was the keynote speaker. It was so strange to me… to listen to him and just think of how long ago it seems when I was watching “Survivor” every Thursday night on the broken couch at Victoria. I hardly watch TV at all now, much less “Survivor.” And I’m no longer the college kid freaking out about finals… instead I’m the one freaking others out. I don’t know how I feel about any of this… something way too old for me… but I just wanted to say it.

In other news, I’m finally coming to terms that my apartment building may not be classiest place in Indianapolis. In fact, sometimes it’s a downright dump. I just found out that a woman upstairs has been operating a business of ill repute… aka prostitution… and she’s not even the woman above me! Ha ha! This just adds to the druggies, domestically violent gays, sex offenders, drunks, mentally handicapped and the “who knows its” like the person who just abandoned his room for 2 months, leaving the door open with piles of garbage and clothing spilling out everywhere. No wonder I’m starting to get mice and cockroaches.

But I love my apartment! Even in this crazy building!! What do I do?? Plus I hate moving. And I never feel actually unsafe… just a little annoyed. I guess that’s what you get for $459 a month in a city.

Christmas time is coming, the turnips are getting fat… or something like that. So I’ve got parties coming up, including one of my own, plus loads of shopping and baking to do. I’m actually getting very excited for all the holiday fuss, and it’s been a few years since I could do that I think. Which reminds me, I need to dig out my long underwear before I head off for distant lands… 15 more days.


3 thoughts on “Xanga: Still no snow.

  1. I hope you told them where they could stick their favor….Have fun tonight!I don’t even know what to say about your apartment. Our new neighborhood is definitely less “classy” too, but we like the house! And no prostitution that I know of yet.

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