Xanga: No News is Good News?

Nah. I’ve just been preoccupied. And there’s not much of note going on. Even so, I can usually pull some creative blabbering out of my bum! So, let’s see…

Rube the fish committed suicide. Yes, after his partying mom left him one time too many, he jumped over the edge of the bowl into the dry abyss. It was a sad day. I’ve never had a fish do that before, in all my years of fish owning. I had a salamander (Edward) crawl out of his bowl once, only to be found months later in Bonnie’s shoe on Easter morning… but that was a little different. I like to think of Edward’s escape as more of a tragic adventure, like that Krakauer book, “Into the Wild.” I remember feeling a little proud when I heard Bonnie’s shrieks – a newt after my own heart. But Rube, poor Rube, was just sick of this world.


At the risk of jinxing everything, I want to say Go Blue! Our Colts play the Ravens tomorrow in the playoffs and Baby Emma better be wearing her jersey. Most of us in the office today (and probably in the majority of offices across the city) are wearing Colts Blue. Jeff even has on a jersey, much to the dismay of Peggy. I almost wet my pants when he started doing imaginary crunches in our lobby.


I think it’s often during this time of year that random memories pass through our brains… maybe it’s just my weird dreams of late, or the weather… anyway, I recalled the other night someone whom I had not thought of in YEARS.

untitled Does anyone remember Blinky’s Fun Club? Probably not. Blinky was the only clown I wasn’t afraid of. He had this children’s program on the Denver station, which was our major regional station when I was growing up. Blinky was sweet and fun and sang “Happy-a-birth-day-to-you, cha cha cha” at the end of every show to some lucky little girl or boy. I ALWAYS wanted him to sing it to me. I don’t remember much else from the show, except that one time they had a cake decorator on and I was fascinated… there were other weird clown characters and an audience full of kiddies. I remember passing his studio one time when we were on the highway driving down to Colorado Springs to visit my grandparents and begging my parents to stop (which they did not). I must have been pretty young. Anyway, one day I grew out of Blinky, and kind of forgot about him. The show was cancelled in 1998.

Then, yesterday, I looked him up online and found this rather depressing article about how he owns an antique shop in a crappy neighborhood in Denver – he sits there and curses his ex-wife and his customers and doesn’t seem to be at all the Blinky I remember. At least, if he’s still there – the article is about 2 years old.

Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t get him to sing to me? I dont’ know – it’s one of those strange things where you wonder if he’s a victim of a society that treated him like crap in his old age… or maybe he was a nasty old curmudgeon to begin with. Anyway, it’s a little sad. And a tiny part of me wishes I was still a little girl, and I could see him, and tell him what he meant to me as a child and then everything would be all right.

What would the world be like if things really worked that way?


3 thoughts on “Xanga: No News is Good News?

  1. Is this weird, but I remember Blinky’s fun club….grew up in Denver, you know. He was on channel 2. And he kinda weirded me out. None of the kids in our family were ever fans of clowns and other characters with costumes/makeup that obscured otherwise normal human features. I love your random reminiscing.

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