Xanga: Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s back to work I go…

Well, here I am. It’s been about a week, Xanga. I’m back in my office with a candle going because the lobby smells farty… someone must be cooking cabbage again. Haha. But I’ve got tons to do and the snow is melting away, so it’s not so bad to be here at my desk once again.

I had a great visit with Bonnie and Sammy – I’ll be including some pictures below, but there’s a real trick to getting a 3 year old to stay in one place long enough to take his photo… so you’ll see most of them are blurry. Also bad lighting in the Children’s Museum, but it’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools.

It’s both exhilerating and exhausting to live with a 3 year old and a preggo lady for 5 days. I think it’s a lot easier when I’m at their house! Not to mention entertaining the inlaws. But I did love it. It’s wonderful having a girlfriend to talk to all the time, as well as a little guy giving hugs and kisses and “I yove you’s” whenever I ask. As soon as I dropped them off at the airport, I just cried and cried in my car, all the way home and started up again with full force when I opened the door to my apartment and saw Tigger fuzz on the couch and empty milk glasses in the sink. I definitely need to make family time more of a priority – it slips away so quickly in the midst of a busy year! Next time I see the Ledfords, there will be a baby sister added to the mix.

All in all, it was a great way to spend my Valentine weekend in the absense of my Darling Boyfriend, Frank. Though he made his presence known, to be sure – with sweet emails, phone calls, xanga posts and best of all, text messages with “I love you” typed in many different languages. My favorite part, hehe, is that he accidentally sent one of said texts to his entire phone book, including business associates and probably a couple old girlfriends! Ha! I love it when technology plays tricks… at least, harmless, hilarious tricks like these.

OK, pictures. Sorry I didn’t get more of cute Bonnie… she wouldn’t hold still either. *wink*

Sammy07 001   Sammy07 002   Sammy07 010


Sammy07 014   Sammy07 018

Sammy07 022   Sammy07 023

Sammy07 027

This one is my favorite…

Sam loves his big trucks and diggers, in part because of this music video. He also loved the train exhibit, the submarines and Playscape, which has sand and water to mess with and all kinds of stuff to climb on. The Children’s Museum never gets old, even for big kids like me.


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