Xanga: Style of Jon McL + voice of Jamie Cullum = the Amazing Gabe Dixon

I finally got to see Gabe Dixon play last night, after 5 years or so of devoted fanhood. And folks, he didn’t let me down, even though the price of seeing him amounts to around $300 bucks (you know – windshield crack, two round trips to Muncie, food, actual ticket price, etc.). I just hope he comes back soon, and this time with the band. I couldn’t believe he was opening for Dave Barnes – I would have thought it would be the other way around. What is this world coming to? I’d much rather watch a talented jazz pianist/singer/songwriter with incredible lyricism than a cutesy, giggly guitar player who tries to be deep. Sorry girlfriends who love Dave Barnes… I was not so impressed. I know many people who aren’t so impressed with Gabe Dixon, too, especially if you’re not that into piano or jazz. To be honest, I wasn’t hooked immediately on all the songs on his first album. But he’s just always felt so crisply creative to me, so pure and brave and so right on. His turns of phrase still surprise me. Hearing him talk about the story behind “Shallow” was like looking at my own mirror experience in LA last week. So yes, he was great. But darn me for forgetting my camera!

Anyway, here are some lyrics from the song that got it all started for me… and fortuitously still apply to my life even now.

Too many times you were all alone

He left you behind cryin’ by the phone

You weren’t born to lose but losing him is wise

You’ve got a new fool and he’s just about, just about my size

Live your life just how you love to live it

And things will all fall into place

Take your strife and try your best to sing it

In the end you’ll meet your friends

– More That It Would Seem, Gabe Dixon Band



I got a letter from my sponsored child the other day. She is an 11 year-old girl living in Ecuador, and I just received her thank you for the Christmas  presents. You see, with Compassion International, you send money and someone in that country picks out what the child needs. It skips all the mess of customs and really does make more sense. Anyway, so in her letter, she talks about celebrating Christmas with her family and classmates and church, asks how my Christmas was, and then tells about the gifts: “I got a nice blanket, a machete and a bag full of candy.”

Wait – a machete???? Is that just a mistranslation? What the? Anyway, that gave me a good laugh – as Bonnie said when I called her, they ought to include that in their commercials. ~insert emotional music, watch image of child with flies crawling on her face~ “See what your sponsorship provides for this little girl? Food and clothing, medical care, education, and her very own machete.” Oh dear. But in the end, I figure it’s probably a tool for chopping down the rainforest and stuff, not a weapon used to hack up bodies. I hope. *gulp*

Second funny thing – I called Frank last night as I was driving to Muncie. It went like this –

Ring Ring. Ring Ring. (because overseas it rings twice in your ear, not once)


“Hiiiiii. I just wanted to hear the sound of your voice.”

“You wanted to hear the sound of MY voice?

“Noel? Oh no! Oh *&%#!

“Frank, your girlfriend is love with me!”

“I’m so embarrassed! I’m so sorry! I am literally blushing so much I’m sweating.”

Well, that’s what I get. Although, in the five months I’ve been calling Frank, Noel has answered the phone ONCE. And the brothers have very distinctive voices, so it wasn’t nice of him to change on me. Funny, nevertheless. And somehow I knew in the back of my mind it would happen one of these days. At least I didnt’ start off making kissy noises or something equally obnoxious. Geez. I’m ridiculous.


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