It’s been crazy the last week, let me tell you! Every day just packed from end-to-end with phone calls, work, getting together with friends, and so forth! But it’s all been good. And more pictures.

Last week was busy, busy, busy – I’ve been interviewing summer film interns and trying to catch up on my film research. We’re smack in the middle of our Call for Entries, so that means I need to be actively pursuing films for our October festival, in addition to constantly checking to see what is being made, what’s done being made, what’s about to be made… in other words, try keeping track of abuot 300 mexican jumping beans all at once! But it’s fun work, the kind I like doing here, so the stress doesn’t bother me too much, as long as I keep it in check.

I also worked Weds, Fri, Sat at Starbucks… Friday was a Lynyrd Skynrd and Hank Williams, Jr. concert and wow, did the mulleted and toothless residents of Indiana ever come out of the woodwork! I don’t think I’ve ever worked with quite so many drunks in my life! Sad, really, and almost no one bought coffee (though they did come to the window asking for “two Bud Lights and a paira tickets!”). But overall, we had a good time that night, mostly at their expense.

My old friend from AU, Ericka, invited me out for an adventure on Saturday morning/afternoon. We went to Madison and then to Clifty Falls – she’s been telling me about these places for years, and I finally got to see them. It was a gorgeous day and a perfect way to spend it. We poked around Madison first and took a tour of a historic house. We were, of course, the only people under 50 on the tour and had to keep stifling our laughter at their commentaries and odd questions – “Herb, what a funny saddle that is!” “Saddlebags, honey, I think he said they were saddlebags.” I think the tour guide was both annoyed and impressed when he pointed out a fly-rod carrying case and I was the only one who knew what it was. And then there was the whole “no touching” rule (which makes me think immediately of “Arrested Development”) – kind of amusing to me that every one of the old folks was “touching” something during the tour, while Ericka and I politely kept our hands to ourselves. After the tour we poked around the town, looking in antique shops and stopping for coffee and, finally, lunch.

spring 07 002    spring 07 003  

Flowers (and bumblebee!) outside the house…                                           Spiral staircase inside…

spring 07 005    spring 07 005

Most of the place was pretty gaudy stuff, as the owner built it in the mid 1800s and was rich enough to outfit troops to get Indiana into the Civil War (thankyouverymuch), but I thought the library was cool. Check out the detail on the locally-made book cases. I know I’m a dork. But I love antiques and old houses.

peep   clifty

Come on – wouldn’t YOU try a peep latte if you were offered one?              And then – Clifty Falls!

stairs   mk

The park is awesome, all kinds of trails for hiking (with real hills, like I’ve never seen in Indiana!!!). We hiked for a while and crawled into this eerie, slimy, wet, muddy, pitch-black cave. It was awesome. Neither of us had a flashlight, but Ericka was pretty sure it opened up on the other side… so in we went, feeling our way over the rocks, until we did find our way out. I think she was more scared than I was… but it was very exciting and it sort of reminded me of that episode of “Little House on the Prairie” where Pa gets blocked in a mineshaft. Then, of course, there were the Falls themselves, which we didn’t get close to, but looked very cool from our vantage point anyhow. Oh, and Ericka wanted me to be sure and tell you that there was a boy at the top of the stairs at the end of our hike, coaching us up as his father sat on a cell phone at the bottom. He kept yelling down, “You’re a quarter of the way up!! Only 200 more stairs to go!!” I think he was full of it, but Ericka got a kick out of him.

cave    looking

Ericka is a great friend, one of those you don’t expect to know all your life, probably because she’s such a free spirit and sometimes we don’t keep in touch very well, but then one day you realize you’ve been friends for 6 years and she’s loyal through and through. She’s also one of the few people I can actually say I’ve made fall over from laughing. I like to make people laugh with my stories. (And I’ll share that story another time, as this post is already ridiculously long!)

Anyway, it was a great day – we drove home with the windows down and the music blasting, and I had just enough time to clean myself up before another night at Starbucks. Worked hard there, came home and crashed, then got up on Sunday and drove to Nashville, TN with the best film assistant ever (and another great friend to boot), Jessica, and we hit the Nashville Film Festival hard. Did that for two days, got to see Josh & Heidi for dinner on Monday, and then came home yesterday – again, with the windows down, but only because my A/C went out sometime over the winter. Stink! Now back at “real” work, my tea has gone cold, and after writing all this, I know I’m ready for a few days of calm.

P.S. Thanks for the words about the hair – we’re learning to like each other again. Oh, and I knew as soon as I posted that picture that someone was going to notice the fishing pole. Ha ha ha.


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  1. yay for adventures with good friends! It is surprising post-college to see who I’m still in touch with. Some of the most random people…. and some people I was never really friends with in college… Ha!

  2. That looks like a totally fun day! And yes, I have a few friends like Erika too and they are awesome because there is no guilt trip when you don’t keep in touch but fun when you do get together.However, the Peep thing is all you. Too weird for me. None of us could even eat our plasticy-too-sweet Easter Peeps and I ended up throwing them out. Even Sammy said “yucky”.

  3. You’re hilarious. And thanks for the compliments you’re a  sweetheart.  BTW, thanks for being the great friend who goes along with all those crazy notions.

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