Xanga: Underway

Hi ho, Kermit-the-Frog here…

Wait a minute, that’s not right…  So here I am, Tuesday of the 2007 Heartland Film Festival. Three and a half more days to go. It’s been pretty good. Some fantastic films, great filmmakers, smashing events… of course, then there are also the high-maintenance filmmakers, the films that wouldn’t play right, and the disappointments with some audience and jury commentary.

It’s been its usual stressful self, this Festival of ours! (Photos to come soon!)

But the best part has been having Frank here. He’s made me dinner, given me back rubs and hugs to ease my tension, threatened to kill the bad guys, and listened to me grouse about all kinds of annoying little and big things. Plus he was my Gala date, and the best one I’ve ever had. Now he’s in LA for a couple weeks, working on his own occupation. Of course I miss him, but just to see him after 9 months has been so wonderful, and plus I know how important it is for him to keep up with his friends and contacts there. It’s funny… when he was here a year ago, it felt like I had a huge crush on the high school football star. Then, when I went for Christmas, it was so exciting and new and different, I just basked in the glow of romance and holidays and foreign shores. For 9 months inbetween we talked and emailed, cried, laughed, wondered how this would really work but stuck with it. Now, we are together again and it feels different still. It feels calm and real and comfortable, like the soft blue baby blanket my mother bought in Germany 30 years ago. It’s fun, too, and beautiful and hard and painful, full of questions and uncertainties. But I think more than ever it feels like this is at last my life, and it is just where it should be.

I love you, Frank.


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