favourite meal?

For the last several years, one of my favorite things to order in restaurants is Fish ‘n’ Chips.I think I tried them everywhere in Indianapolis – MacNiven’s made with Bellhaven, O’Reilly’s made with corn meal, Claddagh’s made with Guinness… you could say I was a real Fish ‘n’ Chips connoisseur, so you can also imagine my building excitement for the dish as I moved here. The best kind of Fish ‘n’ Chips awaited, the kind that come fresh and hot, served with malt vinegar or curry and handed to you in a greasy brown paper bag. Mmm. 

 I got a craving last night and Frank went out to get some for us from his favorite neighborhood chip shop. He returned with a luscious pile of batter dipped cod, one a smoked cod and the other regular, plus handfuls of hot, mealy chips. We split a beer and watched some quality Saturday night TV, enjoying it thoroughly.

Today has been another story. Sore stomachs, headaches, queasiness and frequent bathroom breaks were the name of the game at Number 60. He soldiered on, as he was working on a new film today with his friends, but I stayed in bed, took a hot bath, and finally, around 5 p.m., took a walk around the corner to buy ginger ale and more toilet tissue. Ah, how exciting!

So… I’m wondering how long it will be before I want to try Fish ‘n’ Chips again. Probably better for my waistline, eh? 🙂 


One thought on “favourite meal?

  1. I miss you! I drive by your old apartment and wish you were there so I can pop in for some hot tea! Love you and glad you’re enjoying yourself! I need ro email you my website, I went to Huntington, WV this weekend to visit the home of the Thundering Herd, you know WE ARE MARSHALL

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