Pictures (at last)

I finally figured out how to do this! Yay! So here you go, enjoy! More to follow for sure.  
A view of the back yards at Frank’s house in Drogheda. View of the back yard.

Cakes and breads and sweets, oh my! A favorite local bakery. Sweet Tooth

A photo Frank took a few weeks ago when it snowed. This is the fence on the neighbouring property

Snowy Fence   

Frank and his brother, Noel, on a painting job. Painters 

Me in Dublin last Friday, posing in front of a famous folklore statue – Children of Lir – a story of three children cursed into becoming swans.

Irish Folklore 

Me in Dublin outside Christ Church Cathedral.  Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin 

Frank and me posing in one of the many locations from the recent Irish film, “Once.” This is the square where the two main characters in the film say goodbye. Once 

“Turkish delight for the little prince?” Here was a huge variety of the stuff in a Dublin shop in the George Street Arcade (also another location for “Once”). Turkish delight for the little prince? 


3 thoughts on “Pictures (at last)

  1. Kendric walked into the room as I was reading this page, and the moment the last picture scrolled into view, he said, “That’s Turkish Delight!” Wow. To think that I was twentysomething before I knew what it was.
    Enjoying the pictures. Hope you are doing well… –K

  2. (And man, I sure don’t mean to sound boastful about my “oh-so-brilliant child” — I just had a guest this weekend who couldn’t say two words without bragging about her genius five-year-old daughter *rolls eyes* — mostly my point is: Kendric liked the picture. And… thank you Narnia-filmmaker-people. :-))

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