And then there were three!

In honour of our first Valentine’s Day together, Frank and I adopted a puppy over the weekend. We found her at an animal shelter, a little ball of black and brown and white fluff, all mixed in with four other similar bits of fluff that were her siblings. Frank is delighted, and he adores her.  


Georgie is an 8-week-old Border Collie. She was the friendliest puppy we met (although there were some adorable pug mixes I could have walked off with as well… but don’t tell her that!). She is fuzzy and sweet, curious, loyal and independent. We’ve not even had her a full three days but she’s already so attached to us – we can’t even leave a room without her following. She’s constantly under our feet and looking up with quizzical eyes, almost as if she’s asking, “Why?” like a small child. When Frank went to let her out of the kitchen her first morning here, he found her sleeping in the washing machine!! (It is a front-loader and don’t worry, it was turned off!)

 Since she’d been living with four other puppies in an outdoor kennel for who knows how long, she smelled pretty bad when we got her. She’s already had two baths and will probably get another soon. She’s also been a little sick, probably from the change, but hopefully she’ll settle in shortly. But anyway, hope you like her! She’s keeping us both very busy.


 Unfortunately, no one got the answer to last week’s sports trivia, although I wouldn’t have either! The USA sports team I’ve seen most represented here in Ireland is none other than… the New York Yankees!!! Go figure, eh? It must be a logo thing.  


7 thoughts on “Georgie

  1. Congrats on the Border Collie. Too bad your there and not here in Indy, Georgie could hang out in our mud bog with Madeline and Nigel (aka “the canine Jeep”), our border collies.

    New York Yankees, that is right. I must be getting old. All you are missing here is the rain, snow, rain, snow weather here. Hope all is well.

  2. I can’t wait to meet her!!! I go back and forth between wanting a dog and not wanting the responsibility of one. Maybe one day I’ll “just know.”

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